Concept for beer culture center

Concept for beer culture center

The idea has been simmering for a long time: even before his election as district administrator, johann kalb (CSU) spoke of a beer culture center in the district. That was 2014 at the CSU new year’s reception. In september 2017, the creation of a concept for an "international beer culture center" was announced tendered, which was demanded with european leader funds.

Recently, the presentation of the concept, which was developed under the leadership of the economic demand of the district, took place. It was initially presented to representatives of the brewing and tourism industries, among others, at the burgerhaus lechnerbrau in baunach.

As far as the concrete implementation is concerned, many things are still open. For example the future site. It is clear that it should be an independent building, confirms thomas reichert from the economic demand. But whether it will be an existing property or a new building has yet to be determined. "First architectural considerations" are apparently already preserved in the concept.

The content has certainly been considered. It should not be just another brewery museum. But according to reichert, a permanent exhibition and/or multimedia presentation will certainly be part of it. You have to imagine it more like this: what the steigerwald center in handthal is for bookings, the beer culture center in the county of bamberg is supposed to be for beer. A place where tourists and locals can inform themselves about the regional beer culture, but also where (professional) seminars about beer can take place. For example, in an in-house brewery, where brewers will work together to develop new brews.

Brewing without competition

The center is not intended to compete with regional brewers. Rather, they and their associations are to be won as project partners. So the center could serve as a place for education as well as a place for enjoyment for a wide audience. "A small brewery for visitors to participate in is also conceivable," says reichert, says reichert. An attached catering trade would have been obvious, also overnight accomodation possibilities were not excluded. There will probably also be a store where visitors will be able to buy not only regional beers, but also all kinds of other beer-related products.

In the invitation to tender for the concept, it read like this: "the international beer culture center does not pursue a direct museum approach. It

It is to serve the demand and development of mabnahme and projects, which under

The project is to reflect a special regional beer and brewing tradition and involve a wide range of partners in the areas of culture, enjoyment, education, training, science, tourism, agriculture, regional value creation, sustainability and cultural heritage."

Like wine

The basis and prerequisite for this is, of course, that the district of bamberg with its more than 60 breweries – there is one brewery for every 2275 inhabitants (as of 2015) – is, so to speak, the hub of the beer world. And this is the pound with which we are to gain weight. Or, as district administrator kalb puts it: "classic wine regions such as the mosel, the bordeaux region or mainfranken in front of our house have long understood how to market wine as a high-quality product in a pleasant atmosphere." Therefore it is high time to create a place to give the quality product beer the same importance.

The next step is to find suitable project partners, says thomas reichert. Because the county will not build itself. The sponsorship of an association, for example, is possible. In addition, the question of the location must now be closely examined.