High up at the 10. Coburg bouldering cup

High up at the 10. Coburg bouldering cup

The 10. Open coburg boulder cup of the DAV coburg takes place on saturday at the climbing center. Bouldering competitions are entertaining and exciting, so they are very attractive for the spectators. All interested are invited to get an idea of this still young and currently trendy sport.

The finals start on saturday at 17.30 (ladies) and 18.30 o’clock (men) and promise spectacular sport with high voltage. Afterwards, there will be a pizza party for all participants and spectators. The entrance for spectators is free.

Preparations are in full swing. Almost 200 participants have already registered, the majority of whom are guests. Both the women’s and the men’s competitions have a top-class starting field. From the local heroine and top german climber sofie paulus to other women who have already been successful at german championships and a whole series of strong men, such as floyd simen from bayreuth and maxi zwicklbauer from munich – the runners-up from 2018 and 2019.

Bouldering areas unscrewed

The DAV coburg is making great efforts to organize this competition and to offer a balanced and challenging program for participants and spectators. The organization team has completely unscrewed both bouldering areas of the coburg climbing center and the walls of the climbing hall are also being converted for bouldering and covered with soft floor mats. There will be more than 50 competition boulder problems. The children’s competition starts at 9 am, registration is until 8 am.45 possible. There are three age groups: youth D (age group 2008 and 2009) and younger, youth C (07 and 06) and youth B (05 and 04). The adults have from 13.30 o’clock opportunity to tackle the 25 – the day before by the organizing team newly bolted – bouldering tasks. Everyone can take part, the spectrum of difficulties ranges from easy to really hard. For the children, however, it has not been possible to register for a week

The bouldering challenges in comparison to the "normal" bouldering climbing with rope on higher walls rather the maximum strength and technical skills. Mostly short sequences are climbed, which make high demands on skill, body tension and agility. Many movements are performed dynamically.

Bouldering has also established itself as a competitive discipline. So-called fun competitions enjoy great popularity and are now offered by many sections and hall operators. In the top there are state and national championships as well as a world cup series. In tokyo, bouldering in combination with lead and speed climbing will be olympic for the first time this year. For the competitions special tasks are "screwed" in the climbing and bouldering walls, which vary according to the difficulty and type of techniques to be used. At the coburg competition, about 25 such "problems" await in the qualifying round on the participants.

Here you can try out in free order for three hours. The achievement of the top grip, as well as the number of attempts required, is taken into account in the evaluation. The top six advance to the finals, where they each have four attempts at four tasks.Ble