Local council creates building land

local council creates building land

Only building matters were discussed by the oberaurach town council at its meeting on thursday.

Lively discussions on the preparation procedure for the "lohlein" development plan in tretzendorf. Here, among other things, surface drainage is to take place via a rainwater retention basin, the contents of which are then to be discharged into the aurach via the troutway. Residents see the danger of flooding here and suggested an alternative drainage via the raiffeisenstrabe.

The fact that this is not technically possible was made clear by mayor thomas sechser (CSU). Cables and lines run there, so that it is not possible to install another channel. However, the planning office has calculated that a drainage via the trout path will probably run without problems, said thomas sechser. The municipal council approved the preliminary draft for the different procedure.

In the municipality of fatschenbrunn, there is currently no vacant building lot to be acquired. For this reason, an applicant is asking for the creation of an inclusion statute on a plot of land with 1555 square meters. The landscape planner roland kraus explained the project to the committee. The inclusion statute is intended to create building rights for the construction of a new residential building with garage, which is to fit into the character of the surrounding area. There are two publicly dedicated roads on the property. Both public footpaths start in the extension of the hadergasse and are not paved. The planned construction project intersects with the existing fubpfad from west to east, without which the construction project is not possible. Another path formed as part of the land consolidation, which is better paved, can be used as an alternative. The community council decided on the inclusion statute in order to create building rights.

A building project in oberschleichach in sandersgrund also involved a set of inclusion rules. Here, too, the council decided to approve the application – on the condition that the planned building be reduced from three to two full stories.

The decision on the development plan "am hutweg in dankenfeld was lifted. The reason for this are disproportionately high development costs, which were necessary for the surface drainage.

On the initiative of councillor julian bayer (grune), this year the planned budget for the corona-cancelled final dinner of the municipal council will be used for a social purpose. All former residents of oberaurach who are currently living in an old people’s home in the near vicinity are to receive a small floral gift. In this way, the municipal council wants to show that these very people are not forgotten in the pandemic.