Police warn against distractions behind the wheel

Police warn against distractions behind the wheel

The kronach police department will be holding a road safety campaign as part of the bavarian traffic safety program 2020 "bayern mobil – sicher ans ziel" ("bayern mobile – get there safely") on thursday, 14. September from 11 a.M. To 3 p.M. On the marienplatz an information event for interested burghers will take place.

As the traffic officer, matthias stocker, explained in a press interview on friday, the program’s main focus and strategies will be addressed in the process. This year the motto is "attention in traffic". He pointed out that navigation devices or cell phones accompany many road users in their everyday lives. These are often also used in traffic. "This quickly leads to an increased risk of accidents!" But not only the use of cell phones or tablets, but also stress and emotions or eating and drinking are distraction factors at the wheel that should not be underestimated.

The head of the kronach police department, uwe herrmann, said that despite the increase in the fine to 60 euros and a point in flensburg, road users are not deterred from using their phones behind the wheel. Lack of attention is the number one cause of accidents. 1. At the information booth, in addition to all the other dangers such as excessive speed and alcohol, they want to point out that attention is always required when participating in road traffic, regardless of whether you are a motorist, pedestrian or cyclist.

Herrmann spoke of seven people who had fatal accidents in the county in 2015, there has been one fatal accident so far this year. "Every death in road traffic is one too many", according to helmut fortsch from the traffic police.

As matthias stocker further reported, the aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities by 30 percent compared to 2011, to reduce the total number of traffic accidents, to increase safety on roads and to achieve consideration for all road users.

At the information stand on marienplatz, there will not only be further information on the subject of traffic safety. The visitors also have the opportunity to test their reactions. With intoxication goggles, they can simulate their inability to drive under the influence of alcohol.

District administrator klaus loffler (CSU) thanked the police and traffic police for their preventive work on the subject of traffic safety. Often people, and especially young drivers, only understand the consequences of accidents when they themselves are involved in an accident or have to accompany a friend on his or her final journey.

For the second mayor of the city of kronach, angela hofmann, "safety is a quality of life". And on the basis of the comments made by georg loffler, deputy member of the board of directors of sparkasse kulmbach-kronach: "i can see myself in this as well!", it became clear that the topic "bayern mobil – safely to the destination is also up to date for older road users. He spoke of the fact that he also drinks and eats during his vacation trips. His financial institution supports these actions, because traffic safety concerns everyone.

As was learned from the police inspection ludwigsstadt, there will also be an information event there. The exact date is yet to be announced.