Right of way for the data highway

With regard to the laying of the fiber optics, pettstadt is hoping for a mild winter: another 100 working days, i.E. A good 20 weeks, are needed to connect all registered houses to the data highway, reported mayor jochen hack (G) at the town council meeting. The civil engineering work was delayed in the summer due to the unexpected withdrawal of the company originally commissioned. At present, however, 20 people are working on the project.
An installation company from the rhon region is once again blowing the fiber optics into the developed residential areas in these days. 274
households have so far been connected to the system with empty pipes, and 64 subscribers can already communicate via the fiber optic line, hack said. Next week, asphalt work is to be started to close the cable trenches again. And if the weather permits, the fine asphalt layer is to be applied everywhere as well. From the end of march to the end of april next year, the civil engineering work for the cable system will be completed, roland hack, the managing director of burgernet-gmbh, told our newspaper.
The mayor reported very encouraging news on the development of the city bus issue: after the almost unanimous approval of the district council, only final fine-tuning with the municipal utilities is required so that pettstadt can be connected to the bamberg city bus network in summer 2019. A permit has been issued for the operation of this line until 2024. In that year, all contracts between the district of bamberg and the transport company will expire. From then on, everything is to be newly regulated in the district. "In contrast to the past, we will have an excellent connection to the public transport system
get" assured the mayor.
Construction work on the after-school care center next to the elementary school is about to begin. A construction crane has already been erected. But first, a problem has to be solved: at the request of the contractor, the bavarian utility company drew attention to a power line that runs through the construction site. Fortunately for pettstadt, this facility, which includes two 20-kv lines, was not listed in the land register. Thus, the bayernwerke had to pay for the relocation to the sandstrabe themselves, a five-digit amount. However, the municipality must bear the costs for the laying of power cables to the street lights, which is also necessary, a good 5,000 euros, the mayor announced. The earthworks for laying the pipeline along the school site in sandstrabe are scheduled to start next week.
Once again, defacements of the local image were a topic in the municipal council. This time it was about the danger of a wild junkyard at the western entrance to the town and about debris deposits at the location of the recyclable material containers. The municipal administration should try to remedy the situation. Manuela schonhofer (BNL) expressed the wish of elderly residents to facilitate the use of the rubbish container. Climbing the steep and swaying ladder with heavy litter pallets caused some rough difficulties. Mayor hack then wants to
county government to seek help in other communities
looking for ways to improve.

Medical practice remains for the time being

In response to a question from alexander hummel (CSU) about the future of medical care in pettstadt, hack announced that he had received positive information from the practicing doctor. The practice will continue for several years as long as the health of the retired physician permits. Hack also pointed out that the municipality had already reserved a building site in the new construction area specifically for a potential successor to the practice. And he has already spoken to a prospective doctor who is interested in setting up shop in pettstadt at a later date, hack said.