The gloss of the week: holland festivities in sommerach

The gloss of the week: holland festivities in sommerach

There are supposed to be people who don’t like either greta thunberg or autumn at all. Both have happened: here is a teenager giving the old guard a piece of his mind. And there the golden autumn sun, the first gluhwein and chestnuts that fall on your head.

The latter is not bad insofar as it supposedly increases the mental capacity. From this point of view, the punishment for the 23 year old hollander, who vandalized the sommerach sports field with a car in august, is already fixed: the man should a) make up for the damage and b) he should be put under a chestnut tree and every member of the SV/DJK sommerach is allowed to rutteln once on the tree.

What the story of the destroyed sports field teaches us? Three. On the one hand: it’s good to have a dedicated policeman like helmut pfaff in your association. Besides: never brag about your misdeeds in a pub – that’s really rare at that time. And finally: the connection germany-holland-fubball still has it in itself. An eternal rivalry. The earworm "without holland we’ll go to the world cup" expresses quite well the sensitivities.

Currently, the direct comparison is as follows: 43 games. Of which 16 german victories, eleven insignificant dutch successes and 16 draws. Among them, in 1990, the famous spitting attack by frank rijkaard on rudi voller. In this gallery the sommerach case now joins in. If the people of sommerach are smart, they will from now on organize holland-festivals every august at their sports field: with stroopwafel and poffertjes. And with caravan long throw championships. There were also boasting championship in the pub.

It still seems unclear who will get the reward offered by the club: for clues to the capture of the brainless rupel, the club had offered 500 euro. It was allowed to run out on the landlady of the pub, where the culprit did not keep to himself and had to brag about his misdeed at all costs. Hopefully, the 23 year old has meanwhile had his ears pulled back. On the other hand: the young man probably had slippers for a long time anyway, because he was pulled up by his ears from his earliest childhood and told: "look closely, the world champions live over there"!"

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