The suffering of anika hob

The suffering of anika hob

Anika hob reached the soccer field at frickenhauser geheu, high above the roofs of the community, on tuesday evening tired and in pain. She was standing at the edge of the grass rectangle, cut down to two sticks, and when she saw her teammates dashing across the field, she suddenly realized what she had lost two days earlier in that very spot. Not even one game, which her team had won against leer-stetten. For anika hob, it was the illusion of finally surviving a season without injury and completely free of pain. She did not live to see the final whistle on sunday. At that time, she was already an outpatient at the accident clinic.

She didn’t have to wait for a diagnosis: she knew what had happened when she got her right fub stuck in the turf after about half an hour of play. "The knee didn’t rotate," she says, referring to the tense scene in which she tried to chase after an opponent.

"I already thought that it would be a cruciate ligament rupture."

What a tale of woe she has produced in her career as a soccer player: four torn ligaments alone, a torn syndesmosis ligament that cost her her participation in the U20 junior world cup in 2009. Only recently she had flirted with all her scars on knees and legs, trophies for a passionate footballer like her – and now a cruciate ligament rupture. "I haven’t had a cruciate ligament tear yet," says anika hob, and she seems remarkably relaxed. It almost seems as if she is taking her fate with irony. But that was just an act, she assures. At the moment, she has not yet fully understood what this violation means for her.

In any case, another long break. In the next four weeks she will undergo surgery in augsburg, her swabian home, followed by weeks and months of rehabilitation. Whether she will play again in this round, can play, she leaves open. Anika would rather cure herself a little longer than risk too much. Until the operation is over, harald gopfert will train the team. He was brought in the summer as a coach of the second gar-de, which is undefeated on the first place in the district league.

Anika hob first wants to get back on her feet again. On sunday, their eleven will play in the state league at FC pegnitz. For the trainer it will be the beginning of a long period of suffering.