Trump wants to get involved in dispute over captain crozier

Trump wants to get involved in dispute over captain crozier

U.S. President donald trump wants to intervene in the conflict over the captain of an airplane carrier fired over a coronavirus complaint letter.

He’s very good at settling disputes, trump said monday night (local time) at the weiben house. Earlier, it was revealed that acting secretary of the navy thomas modly had called the captain’s behavior toward his crew "too naive or too blod".

Captain brett crozier had demanded help from the military leadership in a letter that was later made public because of a corona outbreak on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS theodore roosevelt.

"I like to solve problems," said trump, who as u.S. President is also commander in chief of all u.S. Armed forces. He said the minister’s remarks were "a crude statement". The captain had made a "mistake" in writing the unclassified letter, but he believed they were both "good people". In addition, the captain’s career to date has been "outstanding," trump said.

"I’m going to weigh in and understand exactly what’s going on," trump said. He would also talk about it with defense minister mark esper. "I don’t want to destroy anyone because they had a bad day," trump continued. But he would not specify whether he wanted to jerk crozier’s dismissal.

Meanwhile, modly apologized for his statements about the captain. "I don’t think that captain brett crozier is naive or blod. I think and have always believed that he is the opposite," modly was quoted as saying by US broadcaster CNN.

"Captain crozier is smart and passionate."Modly is convinced that crozier sent the "alarming e-mail" for precisely this reason – to draw public attention to the situation on his ship. "I apologize for any confusion this choice of words may have caused," modly stated, according to CNN.

The sars-cov-2 coronavirus had spread among the 4,000 or so crew members of the carrier. In his letter, crozier had therefore demanded the evacuation of the ship at the beginning of last week in order to prevent the death of soldiers.

Modly had declared on thursday that crozier would be relieved of his post immediately because he had apparently been overwhelmed by the coronavirus and had died with the widely distributed letter against the chain of command.

The u.S. Military has meanwhile initiated the extensive evacuation of the ship lying off the pacific island of guam. U.S. Media reports that the virus has now been detected in nearly 200 crew members – including crozier. Around 1,000 soldiers will remain on board to guarantee the functionality and safety of the highly ruggedized and nuclear-powered ship.