Two uses for the oldtimers at the same time

Two uses for the oldtimers at the same time

Two events could be attended on sunday. The historic parade with vehicles from the bubenreuth, herzogenaurach and hochstadt fire departments was a guest in heilsbronn on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the fire department there. And the oldest vehicle in the district, the LF12 of the baiersdorf fire department, took part in the railroad station festival of the franconian switzerland steam railroad in ebermannstadt.

When the vehicles of the historic parade arrived in heilsbronn at the festival square, many enthusiastic oldtimer fans were already waiting. The tanker trucks positioned themselves and the revolving ladder showed its best side. The fire department flag was mounted 20 meters high at the ladder park. The vehicles from the district of erlangen-hochstadt quickly became a magnet for the public.

Children with shining eyes

In the afternoon, they went out for a drive with around 30 other oldtimer fire engines. Almost every vehicle had children with shining eyes and from the edge of the road many guests waved delightedly at the parade. At the farewell ceremony, each of the participating vintage car teams received a gift and then set off for home.

"Oldtimers of the railroad meet oldtimers of the tram": under this motto the steam railroad frankische schweiz had also invited to the railroad station festival in ebermannstadt on sunday. And this opportunity was used by the oldtimer group of the fire brigade of baiersdorf to draw a long-standing invitation to the french part of switzerland: after a few years ago, a "64" had been brought to the french part of switzerland, so a passenger train steam locomotive of the club had broken down in the station baiersdorf, the fire department baiersdorf had supplied the locomotive there with the urgently needed fresh water, so that it did not suffer any further damage.

And so the FF baiersdorf set off on a return visit with the LF12, albeit under much more relaxed circumstances. After arriving early enough, the 1932 lorry was assigned the best place directly in front of the stopping place of the steam train. The two-year-old gt4/4 steam locomotive, which shortly afterwards was to take the historic passenger train to beringersmuhle and back, for which the oldtimer friends of baiersdorf had received free tickets as a small thank-you, could be photographed.

Ride through the wiesent valley

After returning from the two-hour drive through the wiesent valley and a short break, a large number of historic two-wheelers, cars and trucks could be admired on the parking lots, which provided a special flair in the surroundings of the ebermannstadt train station and allowed an interesting insight into almost 100 years of vehicle development.

During the event, there was a medical emergency in which the oldtimer team had to handle a first-responder mission, so to speak: the vehicle crew protected an emergency patient with an acute neurological condition from further injury, alerted the ambulance and rescue service, kept her airway clear until they arrived, and monitored her vital parameters.