Which job suits me?

Which job suits me?

With more targeted information from competent experts or institutions, the dr. Karlheinz-spielmann-mittelschule iphofen gives its students better opportunities for a qualified career choice. According to principal elmar walter and his deputy uli ulke, who currently supervise about 240 students in eleven classes, a rough network for finding information is to be set up for this purpose. The first step in this direction was taken on monday at an information and discussion evening in which some 45 schoolchildren and parents met with three high-ranking "careers advisors" could speak.

One of them was michael bissert, member of the board of the chamber of handicrafts of lower franconia and at the same time district master craftsman and senior master craftsman for sanitary and heating technology. In his words, in 15 years at the latest, craftsmen will be too scarce to earn more than doctors and lawyers.
Frank weth, managing director of the chamber of handicrafts for lower franconia, emphasized the very familiar atmosphere in the skilled trades. "You can start small as an apprentice and steadily work your way up, because the trade offers a great variety", he emphasized in his speech. He wants to make sure that all school students who are looking for an apprenticeship get a job.

Putting enough time into the search
As head of the employment agency in wurzburg, eugen hain expressed the wish that schoolchildren should not only focus on fashionable professions when choosing a career, but should also prepare themselves specifically for the choice of career. "Half of the schoolchildren liked an apprenticeship in only ten professions, even though we have such a rough variety", he explained the problem. One goal for schools, parents and apprenticeship seekers should also be to invest enough time in the search so that not so many drop out of their apprenticeship. According to him, this phenomenon of dropping out of an apprenticeship can also be found among students.

However, friedrich maag-holzgartner, principal in kitzingen, who was among the visitors, noted that in today's world it is perfectly possible to learn two or three professions. "You should be able to go astray if you stand behind it", was his opinion. In his words, schoolchildren today often have other interests than the choice of profession. There are many opportunities for information today, but the percentage of students who have not yet chosen a profession is quite high, at ten percent.

Michael bissert, frank weth and eugen hain considered the completion of internships to be a very important step in making a qualified career choice. This is a good way to get to know the job and possibly the company as well. In the discussion, two problems were raised: there are too few places and there are too few jobs for students in the 7. The internship comes too early for the classes, as they can hardly be employed by the companies. This was also stated by helmut mitterholzer as a teacher of the middle school iphofen, who himself was already looking for internships, partly without success.

Another issue that has not yet been resolved is the fact that the choice of occupation is still too strongly gender-specific, so that, in the words of principal elmar walter, more girls need to be recruited for skilled trades motivate them. Despite girls' day and other similar events, this has not been achieved so far.

According to elmar walter, the goal of his school is to build up the network of information even better and more broadly, to convey practical experience to the schools, and to increase the motivation of the students.

Still 201 open teaching positions
Eugen hain still reported that there are currently 201 open craft positions in the kitzingen district. However, there is the problem that the companies' demands on their trainees are high and that many students do not meet them. There is a need for action in the areas of reading, arithmetic, writing and social skills.