A new opening date will now be announced in december

A new opening date will now be announced in december

For the new capital city airport, a new building is scheduled to open on 15. December a new opening date will be called.

The agreements with the construction companies had progressed so far that he would then be able to give a detailed presentation on the time frame at a special meeting of the supervisory board, said airport boss engelbert lutke daldrup on friday after a meeting of the supervisory board. Due to planning errors, construction problems and mismanagement, the start of germany’s third-largest airport has already been postponed six times since construction began in 2006. A start of the BER before the late summer 2019 is considered impossible.

Lutke daldrup had already announced that the new building would be refurbished by the end of august 2018. Then come tests, acceptance and a trial run, for which about a year had been planned in the past. The managing director indicated that the schedule would also include buffers for unforeseen events. This would also make a launch in 2020 conceivable.

"We want to finish as quickly as possible," affirmed rainer bretschneider, chairman of the supervisory board. The committee also discussed a multi-million euro expansion of the airport by 2040. With an initial capacity of 22 million passengers, the successor airport to tegel is too small. 32.9 million people flew from the existing tegel and schonefeld airports last year.

However, as a result of the air berlin bankruptcy, years of strong growth in air traffic in berlin will come to a virtual standstill this year. Passenger numbers have risen slightly. However, according to lutke daldrup, the 34 million travelers targeted for the year as a whole will not be reached.

"This is indeed only a dent," assured the engineer. "It is of course not good for the airport that there are no longer many flights from the air berlin portfolio in tegel."The buyers easyjet and eurowings were to fill the gaps from january on, however, quickly.

Five-and-a-half years after the airport failed to open in 2012, the operators are now receiving compensation for damages from the BBI planning consortium headed by the office of airport architect meinhard von gerkan, lutke daldrup said. After a long struggle for damages and outstanding architect fees in the millions, a settlement has been reached. There will be "a significant inflow of funds," the airport chief said, without specifying a sum.

In order to ensure that all passengers can be handled in schonefeld after the closure of tegel, the terminal there, which was once the GDR’s central airport, is to remain in operation until the end of 2025. 45 million euros will have to be invested there, he said. Tegel to be upgraded once again: 5 million euros in the next year alone.

Bretschneider and lutke daldrup actually wanted to bring the engineer carsten wilmsen from munich airport to schonefeld for the expansion of the airport. However, according to bretschneider, two of the airport’s owners – berlin, brandenburg and the federal government – were opposed to creating a managing director position for wilmsen. Wilmsen canceled.

"That gives you a piece of responsibility," lutke daldrup acknowledged this decision by the shareholders. Bretschneider said about the prospects for the airport expansion: "you don’t see me on the ground today, and you don’t see me destroyed either. We want to rock the box."