Bad bruckenau “active against cancer

Bad bruckenau

Around 4,000 visitors took advantage of the health city's offerings, which is about ten percent more than two years ago. From 28. September to 5. October was all about the motto "active against cancer" in the spa town. Uwe schmidt, who is responsible for the town marketing, sees the reasons for the positive resonance on the one hand in better advertising, which became possible by demand funds. On the other hand, the offers had complemented each other perfectly.

As an example, schmidt mentioned sunday, when the open house at the prummer clinic, the regional market at the georgi hall and the autumn market in the city center attracted many visitors. Some of the lectures were less well attended, but this could have been due to the overlapping of the offerings.

Pink T-shirts still available
"Our partners have been consistently positive", said karin bauer from the tourist information office. That's why there will be a health city again in two years' time.

The pink run on 3. October will go into a new round next year. With more than 700 registrations, mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) did not reach her ambitious goal of 777 runners, but she was still very satisfied. "Without the TV, we could never make the pink run", she praised the efforts of the gymnastics club. Around 70 helpers ensured that everything ran smoothly at the finish line in siebener park. The reservists, ski club, fire department, music school, chamber orchestra and one-world group also contributed to the organization.

The town donated almost 7100 euros to the association "breast cancer germany" bauer called the success of the pink run "sensational". However, there are still about 60 T-shirts left over. Interested groups or clubs can pick up the shirts for a donation at the tourist information office.