Car driver loses parts from trailer

During a heavy traffic check on federal highway 303 near burgpreppach, a team of cars was stopped. A lot of sheet metal and heavy metal parts were loosely loaded on the trailer. A load securing system was completely missing. During the inspection, other road users had already stopped and complained about pieces of sheet metal lying on the B 303 between ostheim and burgpreppach. A patrol crew then drove along the route and removed the metal parts from the roadway. When the trailer was weighed, it was found that the permissible trailer load was exceeded by more than 40 percent. When the 33-year-old driver from the habberge district was examined, it was found that he did not have a license to drive the heavy trailer. The vehicle was prohibited from continuing its journey. The trailer had to be parked at the checkpoint immediately. The check on the federal highway was carried out by officers from the ebern police station and the schweinfurt-werneck traffic police station. Actually, the focus was on heavy goods traffic, but of course the police also kept an eye on other road users. This was the fate of the driver, who was traveling with an overloaded trailer and an unsafe load.