Deafened and shot: bull rhino ropen dies in nurnberg zoo

Deafened and shot: bull rhino ropen dies in nurnberg zoo

Rhinoceros ropen died on sunday (1). October 2017) died in the nurnberg zoo. The bull was 29 years old, which is considered old age for male tank rhinos.

According to the press office of the zoo, ropen could no longer stand up properly already around noon. The 29-year-old cop only dared two more attempts before it finally came to a standstill. "The decision to put him to sleep was difficult for those responsible for the zoo, but it was inevitable." It says in the press release. Ropen was then "sedated and shot to death".

Offspring in the nurnberg zoo: rhinoceros "sanjai

Ropen's development

Ropen was killed on 8. Born may 1990 in whipsnade zoo (great britain) before coming to the czech republic two years later. Finally, in 2006, it was moved to the nurnberg zoo.

"Ropen is father of eight-year-old seto paitala and seven-month-old sanjai." The bull rhino's trademark was its heavily abraded horn, by which it could be easily recognized.
The fub problems of the bull he already brought from the czech republic to france . The repeated redesigning of the floor areas in the enclosure improved the problems until a few days before its death. Ropen had difficulties to keep himself stable on his back legs "so that the stuck was not completely unexpected".