Ebern puts the word out

Ebern puts the word out

Eckehard kiesewetter ebern – the motorsage threatens, and another thick branch plops to the ground on the cordoned-off area of the anlagenring about seven meters deep. The damage to the core is unmistakable. The 60-year-old chestnut tree at a junction at the transition from the walk-strasser complex to the secondary school, not far from the traffic circle at the mobile home park and the old people’s home "was simply falling down", the workers are in agreement. During the storm, a branch of the decrepit giant could easily break off. Danger therefore for fubganger.

"It’s about the city’s duty to ensure traffic safety", says mayor jurgen hennemann. An expert opinion, for which resonance measurements were also taken, proves that the chestnut tree could not be saved.

About the future of further trees from the former avenue in ebern’s "grunem gurtel", about 200 meters further south, in the vicinity of the diebsturm, a final decision has not yet been made. Their condition has also been examined by the surveyor – with different results.

The reason for this was the recommendation of the planning office ammermann and dohler, which is designing the redesign of the anlagenring on behalf of the city, to let the trees fall to a large extent. The aim is to create barrier-free paths with an elegant sweep, as architect elke dohler explained when presenting the plan. The old trees and their extensive roots stand in the way of sensible planning. The city council, however, found this approach too radical, which is why the mayor commissioned the expert opinion. On the basis of this, the city council is to decide which trees will actually fall and which have such a rough life expectancy that their preservation is profitable. "None should go away that do not have to", says hennemann. "I don’t want a clear cut."

The design of the bamberger planners is to be modified and the plant design is to be included in the urban development program. "For the time being nothing will happen", the mayor assures.

"The stuff grows like crazy everywhere", he explains the protests against the removal of the ivy growth on the parish garden tower. Decorative yes, but harmful to the building fabric. Too drastic some passers-by found in the last few days also interventions with the say in the area of the TV-geland and angerbach and at the former bundeswehrgelande.

The city refers to these "durchpflegemabnahmen" the club has talked to the nature conservation authorities and points out that only part of the bushes and hedges are removed at a time. The city is proceeding cautiously "so that we have a few years of peace again", assures the mayor. We have enough land in ebern."