Herzogenaurach thanks hans lang

Herzogenaurach thanks hans lang

Old burgermeister hans lang and his wife helga had to shake a lot of hands in front of the duke's park. However, there was also a special occasion for a celebration in the festival hall of the hotel. It was a unanimous decision of the city council of 21 june. June, to award the CSU-altburgermeister the ehrenburgerwurde. "I am very happy about it, because this honor does not happen every day, not even every year", explained mayor german hacker (SPD).
The city's highest honor was bestowed on a man who, as the city's first mayor from 1990 to 2008, made a significant contribution to the development of herzogenaurach into a modern and strong business location. Party politics were not an issue in the festival hall on this harmonious late afternoon, with all groupings singing together in harmony. Finally, a local politician who has left rough traces in herzogenaurach had to be saluted.
Bavarian interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) came to herzogenaurach to give the laudation. "I hope that when they come to herzogenaurach again, they will travel with the stub", hacker couldn't resist a little side blow at the funeral. Herrmann took up the ball. "If I come with the stub, I probably won't be coming to herzogenaurach so soon", said herrmann with a smile. Nevertheless, the interior minister backed a forward-looking local transportation concept in which herzogenaurach plays a pioneering role.
Herrmann mentioned the northern bypass, herzo base and the herzogenaurach companies. It was also to hans lang's credit that schaeffler, adidas and puma clearly committed themselves to herzogenaurach, and because of the large companies, there was also a need for reasonable transport links. "I have the impression that erlangen has not yet experienced herzogenaurach's phenomenal upswing at all," said hacker at the ceremony, praised herrmann.

One of the youngest city councilors

In 1972, hans lang was one of the youngest candidates for the city council in herzogenaurach. Six years later, he took over as the third mayor and in 1990 succeeded hans ort as the first mayor of his hometown. Years earlier, in 1978, lang had already been a member of the district council.
During hans lang's term as the first mayor, herzogenaurach had undergone extremely positive developments in many areas, praised his successor. With political farsightedness and skill, coupled with courage, excellent competence and great personal commitment, he has completed countless projects of importance to the city and paved the way for many major future-oriented measures. He negotiated with company bosses at eye level for a long time, but never lost contact with the burghers of his city. "That's what distinguishes you, you cared as much about the local businesses, whether they were large or medium-sized, as you did about the citizens of this city, and you always had an open ear for the concerns and problems of the citizens, herrmann emphasized in his eulogy. In 18 years as mayor from 1990 to 2008, lang was open to good suggestions, even when they came from the opposition, confirmed hacker.
In the middle of a crisis had been long elected. Trade tax slumped in 1991 to such an extent that the city had to balance its budget with state aid. The americans vacated herzo base in 1994, and it wasn't until 1997 that it became clear that this also meant a happy turnaround: adidas declared its loyalty to the site and today's herzo base, with company headquarters and a new district, began to emerge. The minister of the interior commented on the far-sighted policy of the old mayor, saying that it had become a paradigm that not even larger municipalities had managed to achieve.

The positive outweighs the

Today, the jubilarian describes this turn of events as one of the high points of his time in office – along with the construction of the rehabilitation clinic and the "many old buildings that have been renovated, from the city museum to the old town hall to the post office building." The defeat in the freibad burger referendum and the failure to pass franconian international keeping school in the city has long been on the negative list, however. The positives, however, far outweighed the points that lang would have liked to have somewhat differently.
Special emphasis was placed on the relations with the partner cities, coupled with a slow christian attitude. Hans lang was not a "municipal tourist," for example been", helping his friends in kaya and nova gradiska was close to his heart. Last but not least, the honorary citizenship award also honors hans lang's social commitment, which benefits many citizens of herzogenaurach.
Hans lang has already been honored many times for his commitment. The most important award was the award of the cross of merit on ribbon of the order of merit of the federal republic of germany in 2003 by the then minister of the interior gunther beckstein.