How jurgen kobler wants to storm the iphof town hall for the spd party

How jurgen kobler wants to storm the iphof town hall for the spd party

Vineyards or town hall: jurgen kobler can live with either when it comes to where he prefers to be photographed for this portrait. For weather reasons, it will then but the ratsgebaude, which fits. Kobler lacks the temperament to rut with fervor on the tower of the iphof town hall like gerhard schroder once did on the fences of the chancellor's office. But the SPD man leaves no doubt that he would like to move in here after the municipal elections in march 2020: whether as mayor or as a regular city councilor.

The last time the SPD ran a candidate for mayor of iphofen, in 1948, the second world war had just ended. Nevertheless, not everyone, even in his own local association, thought the time was ripe to go into the election with his own candidate. You have to accept these votes, says kobler about the recent criticism of his candidacy by the two SPD city councilors otto kolesch and bernd hartmann. On the other hand, he has experienced a lot of sympathy and encouragement, and has talked to people who have encouraged him. After all, iphofen is on the verge of a political shake-up – now that the free-voter man josef mend will not be running again after almost 30 years in office.

Kobler is well aware of his role and speaks confidently about his strengths, but he is not a bully, not the larming antithesis to his likewise rather pragmatic competitor of the free voters, dieter lenzer. Jovial in content, authoritative in tone, the 42-year-old physician embodies the comprehending grievance. The question is whether that will be enough to distinguish him from his opponent, who has made a name for himself in many years of city council politics. Kobler doesn't have much to show in the way of local political practice so far. He himself does not consider this a disadvantage. "City council work is something different than mayor work."Being mayor is not something you can learn, you have to grow into it. He knows a lot about administrative work from his daily work at the clinic.

High school in scheinfeld, university studies in erlangen, doctor's job at the university of wurzburg – kobler's career is not exactly the classic SPD working-class career. But he joined the SPD at the age of 16 and is programmatically close to the social democrats. Social welfare, climate and nature protection, aging in place – these are the issues he also wants to address in the local, rural area, for example by building affordable housing suitable for the elderly, strengthening the train station or expanding the infrastructure for e-mobility. Kobler relies on iphofen's economic strength, which is evident in many parts of the city. Kobler speaks of a "gentle mixture", a "wine town with culture and tradition". Viticulture, tourism, agriculture sustainably shaped and strengthened the region.

Iphofen's attractiveness is shown by the large number of newcomers. He himself – who grew up in nearby obersteinbach – came here with his family eight years ago, now has two children and works as a specialist in transfusion medicine at the university of wurzburg. In a second course of study, he earned his master's degree in health care economics. He could plan and implement projects, and he could also deal with numbers. How he wants to convince people of himself and his qualities? In any case, not with platitudinous talk in some adjoining room. This time is long gone. "My approach is to take people with me on walks or personal encounters."

Jurgen kobler (SPD) BIRTH: 28. September 1977 PARTY: SPD place of residence: iphofen occupation: specialist for transfusion medicine political or other honorary offices: chairman of the local SPD association, vice-chairman of the SPD district, vice-chairman of the AWO local association, member of the state executive committee of the ASG family: married, two children hobbies: tennis, table tennis, reading, hiking