In touch with the sky – up-and-coming artists enchant bamberg

In touch with the sky - up-and-coming artists enchant bamberg

It looks like a long curtain or an oversized scarf, the red vertical cloth hanging down from the crane. Underneath lies a small mat for protection. But fortunately they are not used at all when anna, aliuska, lotte and almuth perform gymnastics at dizzying heights and make figures that some others could not even perform on the ground.

Bamberg zaubert attracts this year for the 21st time. Artists from all over the world come to frankenland for the first time. In addition to the rough professionals, the up-and-coming talents are also there. Besides many national and international acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists and comedians, the four youngsters from bamberg, anna, aliuska, lotte and almuth, are also part of the show. The vertical scarf has done it to them all. Anna, aliuska and lotte have been on stage in previous years, for almuth it is the first appearance at bamberg zaubert.

Joint tricks

Just twelve years old are lotte and almuth. But when they perform on the scarf, no one can tell it’s them. "We have developed our own show for bamberg zaubert, in which everyone does individual tricks, but we also perform a few pieces of art together", says lotte. The friends know each other from the children and youth training of the circus giovanni. This year they perform together for the first time. "Even if many people find it scary, the gymnastics on the vertical cloth simply calms me down", says almuth.

The "old hares anna and aliuska are 15 and 17 years old, respectively, and have been training in the circus since they were seven. "The vertical cloth makes somehow addtig", anna explains. Aliuska especially likes the routines she performs in free fall. "When you wrap yourself in the cloth and then let go – it’s like flying," she says, she swarmed. For bamberg zaubert they have developed a show that is coordinated with the music. "The basic structure is already there from our other performances, but of course we have also come up with something new for today", says anna.

The audience is impressed

The audience rewards both performances with powerful applause. The several hundred spectators on the maxplatz enjoyed the variety of the performances. "I was really amazed by the vertical cloth artists. It’s very brave to float so high up in the air and do gymnastics", says 25-year-old ann-sofie. Especially admire the body control of the young artists.

Just as the other artists at bamberg zaubert are not paid by the organizer for their performances, the young artists also receive their fees "out of the hat. "We get food vouchers and as much to drink as we want, but every now and then someone gives us a small donation for our show", anna explains. But the four agree: their main motivation for performing at bamberg zaubert is, of course, the performance itself. "It is great fun to show what you can do in front of so many people", says lotte.

Compared to previous years, the concept of the young talent show has changed in one detail: whereas in the past a winner was crowned at the end, there is no such competition today. "Maybe the competition had attracted a bigger audience, but I prefer it that way because people are nicer to each other behind the stage", says anna. Almuth also agrees. "Especially for me as a newcomer, this is great because it makes less pressure and now it’s just about having a great time", says the twelve-year-old.

Next year, the four women from bamberg would like to "join in the magic" again. For aliuska, this will be the first year of high school. "Of course, the pressure at school is getting heavier, but vertical gymnastics gives me the perfect balance, explains the 17-year-old. For the youngsters, acrobatics on a dizzyingly high rope is more than just a sport – it is the fulfillment of a childhood dream. And almuth dreams even further. "Who knows, maybe one day I will do acrobatics professionally. I was already very keen on it", she says with a grin.