In unterrodach texts and music gave the angels “wings

In Unterrodach texts and music gave the angels 'wings

Underroof- mysterious and light they surround us: angels – messengers of creation, guardians of our soul; placed by god at man’s side, they watch over us, they give comfort, they soothe pain. This is probably the most common image of an angel – preached in the early days – and it is expressed in the most beautiful poetry of numerous romantic poems about angels.

Angel poems were also heard on tuesday evening in the michaeliskirche in unterrodach – from the pen of ingo cesaro, who also read them out himself. Literary treasures of more recent date – such as “wunderkind” – were honored, “three four feathers”, “shaken are guardian angels and “because angels also mourn”; but especially from the book “from the shadow of angels”. The anthology contains 150 angel poems from 25 years and 120 individual angel poems translated into 21 languages.

But why does a political writer like ingo cesaro write angel poems at all?? For him, angels are a metaphor for the "unspeakable" to put into words. The "unspeakable was the chernobyl disaster on 26. April 1986. Chernobyl is translated from russian or ukrainian "wermutstern" – and just this wermutstern is found in the john revelation in 7. Seal and the first six trumpets, verse 10 and 11: "a star will fall from the sky" … And this star is called wermut, so wermutstern" ("a star of wermut"). Cesaro’s angels are sometimes fallen, stumbled angels. They are the ones that leave a trail of blood with a damaged wing – as in the poem "my unreachable guardian angel, with which the cultural mediator opened his reading. Those who have "failed" as guardian angels are full of pain; feel guilty and overwhelmed in the face of what is happening in our world: "a stone angel bent over the grave of a twelve-year-old laura crouches unbelievably for a dozen years, his mute expression directed at the grave mound"…" ("a maple leaf").

A thousand angelic tongues" is also haunting: "on rare nights, a thousand angelic tongues reach out from the depths of the ocean, dancing with the words on the waves … The words leap back onto the tongues of drowned men, just in time before the rukes part the sea…".

Literary updates

These lines were written years ago, but – like all his other poems – they are still of immense actuality. As cesaro admitted, he still writes an angel poem now and then. At the moment, however, he is preoccupied with other things; namely, the terrible situation in the central mediterranean, where refugees are drowning miserably every day as they try to cross the sea. Here he finds clear words. He wrote a letter to the bishop of the evangelical lutheran church in bavaria, heinrich bedford-strohm, in which he asks where the ethic of the sermon on the mount of love for the neighbor has gone, and he wonders how a pope can sleep peacefully at night in the face of this catastrophe.

The writer addresses the shocking events in his book "in die speichen greifen" ("grasping the spokes") – with painfully intense poems like "before malta" and "bycatch", when old sailors no longer want to go out to sea with their trawl nets: "pulled out in the net – a pair of brothers and sisters, less than ten years old, tightly entwined in death, each seeking rescue from the other in vain ("off malta") or "just arrived in the harbor, they see four dead cursed people in the net…" (bycatch). New is "I am drowning": "with every nameless refugee drowning in the mediterranean sea, I am drowning, sinking with him to the bottom of the sea into his wet grave"…"

Normally, says ingo cesaro, he is hardly ever at home on weekends; he is constantly on the road for readings, exhibitions and literary projects. But this year, after the lockdown, he had time to write poems; about 20 to 25 new ones were written in the process. But he only wrote down notes about the corona pandemic. At the publisher’s behest, he produced two poems from it after all. These are found again in the official frankfurt book fair book 2020, which, after the book fair was cancelled this year, will be presented in 2021: "shaken look guardian angels, can not intervene, can not understand anything, see the body transports in bergamo, can only inactively jam, see the mass graves in new york…" ("shattering stand guardian angels") as well as "because angels grieve too".

Between the individual blocks, church music director marius popp, with a great sense of intuition, sounds angelic sounds. With masterpieces by henric mulet ("angelus"), james william elliot ("song of the angels"), cesar frank ("panis angelicus"), felix mendelssohn bartholdy ("lift up your eyes"), henry eymieu ("L’angelus") op. 140), charles john grey ("angelsong") and maurice durufle ("meditation") one actually deluded oneself in angelic spheres.