Kronach’s tax office in a frenzy of colors

Kronach's tax office in a frenzy of colors

A rush of colors, oscillating between object and abstraction – that is the first impression when you visit the exhibition "colorful" by christine G. Hirt enters the kronach tax office. Sometimes it is paintings in warm orange and red tones, then again in blue and green variations, with which the versatile painter sends her audience into a roller coaster of colors, feelings and perceptions.

Already at the opening of the exhibition on wednesday evening, the head of the office, gunter wolkersdorfer, was able to welcome an overwhelming number of visitors interested in art – among them many friends and relatives of the artist – in the "fastest" exhibition hall welcome to the bavarian tax office. He and the third mayor of kronach, markus wich, were pleased that the pictures had brought so much color into the tax office.

Return to home

Wich considered the life of the painter, who was born in weibenbrunn, later lived in wiesbaden and frankfurt, and has now returned to kronach, to be virtually a "prototype" of a person connected to the region, who went out into the world and then found his way back home again. He thanked the tireless cultural mediator ingo cesaro, who conceptually supervised the gallery and made such enriching art and cultural landscapes possible for the authority. Cesaro was concerned to present mainly abstract color compositions of the artist, especially since her representational painting is regularly exhibited at the art fair "artkronach" and can be seen at the mitwitz art market.

In his introduction he went into the biographical aspects of christine G. Hirt, who has turned increasingly to abstract painting in recent years, is one of the most important artists in her field. While artists in the 1970s still had to decide on a style – representational or abstract – she chose both. "She has found her own way of expression in form and color", he was honored. Abstract works of art had no truth, could be evaluated neither positively nor negatively. Artists thus gave their innermost feelings to the viewer prize. He advised the visitors to linger in front of the paintings and let the elements, colors and compositions take effect on them. Then one can perceive the expressive power they contain.

Inspired by nature

The artist prefers acrylic painting. She likes to work figuratively and in large format. "She rarely draws because "working with color is much more fun for her", cesaro continues. She finds her themes and inspiration in the realm of everyday life, often in nature. For christine G. Hirt, who has already exhibited in wiesbaden, hochheim, frankfurt, johannisberg and ulm, says the creation of a painting is an adventure every time: exciting her inner tension, the uncertainty and curiosity about what will become of it. The exhibition, which ranges from the representational to the abstract, is divided into several sections. Thus abstracting works can be found in "kronach leuchtet" next to three representational depictions of women. An intentional break leads to abstract painting with – with one exception – non-objective pictures. Yet it is precisely this mixture, as stimulating as it is refreshing, the unity of the manifold, which merges into a coarse overall effect.

The special effect of her works also lies in the fact that many of them do not lose touch with the subject and figuration.Rather, they are perceptions of both our outer and inner world, where one can be completely with oneself.It is quite clear that only those who have mastered their craft and can paint objectively can also visualize emotions and go the way of abstraction – and this way is with christine G. Hirt really more than remarkable!

The painter, who was overwhelmed by the crowd of visitors, was very happy to be able to present so many of her works to the public in her home country. The exhibition, which is well worth seeing, full of joyful colors and expressive forms, will run until the 17th of december. July and can be viewed during the usual opening hours of the service center.

Christine G. Hirt: has been a painter since 1986, specializing in nude, portrait, animal and abstract painting. She took lessons from jacqueline weigand, hajo sternhardt and ingeborg finke in wiesbaden, among others.