Narrhalla gives away flea market tickets

Narrhalla gives away flea market tickets

The women of the coburg narrhalla put in a great effort at the flea market in coburg’s city center despite the sweltering heat. Donated high-quality clothing, household goods, toys and much more was sold from saturday to sunday at the stand of the narrhalla at the exit from the parking garage mauer. There was haggling, negotiating and a lot of laughing and in the end the buyers were happy to pay a little more for the good cause.

The proceeds of the narrhalla’s flea market sale went to two preschool classes of the heinrich-schaumberger school in coburg. "The stutz- und forderklassen are a cooperation between a school and a youth welfare organization. In these classes, a team of teachers, social pedagogues and educators teaches and accompanies young people and girls who need help in the socio-emotional area, with the aim of enabling them to return to regular school," explained social pedagogue eva beck from the heinrich-schaumberger school at the presentation of the donation.

In the first half of 2019/20, the donation will be used to offer anti-aggression training for two of these classes: the aim is to teach the students concentration, stamina and a targeted approach to dealing with aggression on a different level.

The president of the coburg narrhalla, thomas eck, was able to hand over the proud sum of 1111 euros to social pedagogue eva beck thanks to the energetic efforts of the narrhalla women to implement this project. "We are always very pleased when we can support such local initiatives with our donation", stressed president thomas eck.

The "hard core the narrhalla women, who held the fort from saturday to sunday in sweltering temperatures including a night shift, agreed: "as always, it was exhausting and the bed is calling, but next year we will definitely be there again!"Petra kotterba