Neuer reigns in bayern goal until 37

Neuer reigns in bayern goal until 37

The bayern goal remains the realm of manuel neuer – at least until his 37th birthday. Year of life. At the end of tough negotiations, with intermittent criticism and accusations, a solution was reached that seemed reasonable to the captain and the munich bosses.

New executive board member oliver kahn said it was a "strong signal" from neuer that he would continue his contract with the national soccer goalkeeper until his 30th birthday. June 2023. Sports director hasan salahamidzic spoke of a "win-win situation" for both sides. "The best goalkeeper in the world," as chairman karl-heinz rummenigge enthused, will thus reign in munich’s goal for more than a decade. A long apprenticeship awaits schalke import alexander nubel (23), who is free of contract.

Everything happened very quickly in the poker game between bayern and neuer for the duration of the contract and millions of euros. Neuer, who had speculated on a longer contract term with his advisor thomas kroth, also never wanted to leave bayern and end the hanging game before the season’s final spurt. The original schalker has long since adopted the bavarian DNA.

"I look to the future with rough optimism. I feel very comfortable and at home in bavaria," said the gelsenkirchen native, who came to munich from schalke in 2011 for 30 million euros, where he rose to become the world’s top goalkeeper, world champion and captain of the two most important german soccer teams – nationalelf and FC bayern.

Both sides have nevertheless become reacquainted with each other in recent weeks and months, as kahn recognizes dear. "We understood the direction manuel was taking at this stage of his career and what was important to him," said the 50-year-old. The former goalkeeper titan also said: "I can very well put myself in the position manuel is in."

Kahn was 39 when he cleared the bayern goal in 2008. And in 2006, before the world cup in germany, he had to witness how national coach jurgen klinsmann first dismantled him and then demoted him to number 2 behind jens lehmann. Neuer, too, had recently brought up the subject of "appreciation," along with loyalty and trust, when he complained that details from the negotiations with salihamidzic and kahn had been leaked to the media. Neuer was confronted with accusations of greed in the midst of the corona crisis, which was threatening the existence of many players. He allegedly demanded a five-year contract with an annual salary of 20 million euros, which the goalkeeper and his advisor rejected out of hand.

Now neuer explained: "in the weeks of the shutdown as a result of the corona pandemic, I didn’t want to make a decision because no one knew if, when and how bundesliga soccer was going to continue at all." Neuer knows exactly what he has in these times at FC bayern, which has already proven its economic ability to act with the contract extensions with coach hansi flick, attacker thomas muller (both until 2023) and youngster alphonso davies.

In addition to spokesman flick, neuer has gained an influential ally in the future chairman of the board kahn. It was also important to him that goalkeeper coach toni tapalovic (39) stays on. "Now that this has been clarified, i look to the future with great optimism," said neuer. FC bayern remains "one of the top european addresses in soccer". This is one of the best places for neuer to achieve his sporting goals. He dreams of another champions league triumph after 2013. The 2022 final will take place in munich – exactly a decade after the lost "finale dahoam" against chelsea FC.

Munich bosses’ agreement with neuer is also a signal to newcomer nubel. The former U21 national goalkeeper signed in munich at the beginning of the year until 2025. Nubel wants to replace neuer, who has regained his former world-class level after a complicated fub injury, as number 1 in the long run. Nubel goes into apprenticeship with neuer. Games, the latter does not want to voluntarily step down from the crown prince, as neuer said immediately after nubel’s commitment: "i am not a statistician, but a protagonist." For the time being until 2023.