Scheuer: new crisis meeting on the railroad on thursday

Scheuer: new crisis meeting on the railroad on thursday

Federal transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) has announced a new crisis meeting with the railroad’s top management for thursday. This is what scheuer said this tuesday in berlin after a top-level meeting with the railroad leadership.

It was a matter of making changes that made it possible to improve the performance. Customers should already see improvements in the first half of the year, for example in the punctuality of the performance.

Scheuer called for better construction site management to get a grip on bottlenecks. Politicians are also working to guarantee the railroad a "financial basis". He did not give details at first.

At the meeting, railroad boss richard lutz made further suggestions to increase quality and punctuality. As had been announced in advance, the foreign subsidiary DB arriva was sold and the group’s board of management was expanded.

Scheuer said he was "open" to a possible sale of arriva. But this was not yet a topic on tuesday. One had to go into depth on the subject, one would not lightly place a "very interesting" company on the market.