Spd minister criticizes doubts about npd ban

spd minister criticizes doubts about npd ban

CSU interior affairs expert hans-peter uhl had previously said that a new application for a ban against the extreme right-wing party was as good as a done deal.

To link the shredding of documents with the evaluation of the chances of success is "pretty far-fetched", lewentz told the dpa news agency. The findings collected would be decisive for a decision on a new procedure. "The conference of interior ministers and the conference of ministers-presidents will deal with the prospects of success of a NPD ban procedure at the beginning of december," he said. "I see no reason to deviate from the agreed course of action."

The chairman of the conference of interior ministers (IMK), mecklenburg-western pomerania’s lorenz caffier (CDU), also sees it that way. The interior ministers had agreed in march to collect evidence against the npd until autumn and then to decide on a ban application. At the same time, V-people in the NPD leadership, because of whom the first attempt to ban the party in 2003 had failed, were shut down.

Uhl had justified his skepticism by saying that the destruction of files on right-wing extremism had so damaged the credibility of the constitutional protection agency that this would be negative for a ban procedure.