The hammelburg water house in bright red

the hammelburg water house in bright red

The clubhouse of the music initiative at the entrance to hammelburg is seldom seen in such a blatant light. The facade of the wasserhaus shone for hours in aggressive red along with thousands of other buildings across germany. With the night of light, many artists drew attention to their plight.

"The event industry is on the red list of "industries acutely threatened with extinction", it hieb in the call to locations, organizers, event agencies, fair companies, fair builders, caterers, non-food caterers, technology service providers, deco companies and individual entrepreneurs. Also the music initiative hammelburg fights with the hygiene restrictions against the coronavirus. "Fortunately, it does not threaten our existence as individuals", says chairman sean miller with a view to the 360 members. "We all have our professions, says miller. Even the hard core of 15 particularly active members works on a voluntary basis. However, some event technicians in the initiative’s environment are more affected by the crisis.

Association is not carefree

But the association is not carefree either. To document this, miller and board member julian ottenweller screwed on the illumination for four hours. The frustration has reasons: since the beginning of march the water house has not seen any concert. Four events, including the dance into may with otherwise up to 300 visitors, have therefore gone down the drain.

At least bands have been allowed to rehearse together again since this monday. Eight groups from lower franconia and beyond usually perform in the water house. Only one of them is currently with original hammelburg cast. It has been quite a paper war to find out the conditions under which the instruments can be used again. "I don’t even know if I wanted this", says miller about making music with a mask. Even the singers are not exempt.

The concert break in the water house is likely to last for a long time. Miller hopes that at least the traditional X-mas party at christmas can be held this year. Although from next week performances with up to 100 listeners are allowed again. "What only a few people think about: it doesn’t pay off", says miller. Regular business operations have not existed in the water house for a long time.

How does it go on with the association? In 2020, the music initiative will probably get off lightly, miller predicts. Also next year it could survive under the continuation of restrictions. If, contrary to expectations, the situation does not return to normal, it could become tight in 2022. But miller doesn’t want to paint too black in his view of the future.

Open-air concert in conversation

There is even hope. For the 35th anniversary of the musikini, an open-air concert is being discussed in 2021. At some point we have to take off. Besides the hard work of individual members, money is needed to ensure the maintenance of the buildings. "It’s already the case that the city doesn’t charge a rent", says miller. Still, there are expenses. Just ordered 2000 liters of guest. Electricity and water costs also burden the budget. Although the club has a lot of backlogs on the books. With these, however, the stage technology should be renewed and a new gas heating should be procured, and not the virus crisis should be bridged.

"Now you can finally see faces here again, miller is pleased about the resumption of the rehearsal work. In order to offer something to the public, the music initiative is thinking about streaming concerts on the internet. But that is again associated with costs. If restrictions on the club’s work continue to be severe, miller could once again reach for the light switch. To bring the situation of the water house again in bright red into consciousness.Wolfgang dunnebier