A puzzle for carnival lovers

A puzzle for carnival lovers

It was rather urgent, in september last year: two months before the start of carnival on the 11th.11.In 2011 matthias simon, director of the "buttenabende", was faced with a problem: who would design the carnival medal for the carnival society "kroniche fousanaocht"??

"Alexandra reiter, who i know from school, came to my mind", says simon. He is a pastoral counselor and teaches religion at frankenwald high school (G). Art teacher alexandra reiter also works there. When the colleague asked her, she thought for a moment and said "yes" said.

Then she also had to get started so that everything would be ready on time. "First of all, I designed the imprint for the brass medal to wear around your neck", she explains. She pulls out a sheet of A4 paper with a pencil drawing of the order in the middle. Next to it brush strokes, painted with acrylic paint, in different blue tones.
Every year a new theme

"the fousanaocht has a different theme every year, which is reflected on the medal", explains alexandra reiter. "This year it is about the jubilee of the voluntary fire department, the kolpingsfamilie kronach and the gymnastics club."

The kolping family and the gymnastics club celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2011, the fire department celebrates it this year. That is the one commonality. The second: "all three are connected by the fousanaocht", says matthias simon. Art teacher alexandra reiter thought about how this connection could best be implemented in design terms. "That’s when i got the idea of puzzle pieces that interlock with each other." She showed the first draft to matthias simon, who liked it right away.

Alexandra reiter researched on the internet what a firefighter looks like in action. Or, how to draw a gymnast who is doing a cartwheel. That’s what he’s doing now on the water jet that the firefighter is spraying all over the place all the way to the pots and pans.
15 hours of work

just like water, fire connects the three associations: "because the jubilees are a festive event, there are fireworks in every piece of the puzzle", explains reiter. They spent a total of about 15 hours on the realization of the order – brainstorming, painting, looking for templates and designing. In the middle of october she had finished the picture for the medal. It was applied in an enamel paint layer on the brass order.

"Then matthias asked me if i could do the rough order as well." She took a whole day during the autumn vacations to create the rough image on a particle board.

First she threw a picture on the plate with the overhead projector in the art hall, then she painted the flat with powerful acrylic paints at home. Whether she is satisfied with the result? "Yes", she says and laughs. Then she lifts up the pressboard and holds it a little tilted at an angle to the camera. To make it easier for the gymnast to turn his wheel.