After berlin terrorist attack: contact point for victims

after berlin terrorist attack: contact point for victims

"The permanent contact point at the federal ministry of justice for the hopefully never again occurring case of such a bad deed is ready", said the victim’s representative of the federal government, kurt beck, to the german press agency.

The multi-employee facility is a consequence of the attack on 19. December 2016. The office is intended to reach out to those affected and organize help for them without overburdening them with more and more new requests.

Surviving victims and survivors of the breitscheidplatz attack had accused the federal government of inactivity. Aid was slow in coming. "Yes, that has arrived, that one deals with the victims more sensitively," said beck, who will end his honorary office as victims’ representative at the end of the month. On the first anniversary of the attack, he had named the failures of politics and the authorities in a final report.

Twelve people were killed and almost 100 injured in the most serious islamist attack in germany to date.