Construction work on the floodway has officially begun

construction work on the floodway has officially begun

Four wooden posts in the bare ground are all that can be seen of the future pumping station at the flood basin so far. But that will change quickly – because the pumping station that will protect residents from rising groundwater in the future is scheduled for completion as early as fall. The construction work for the rough redesign of the flood basin between berliner brucke and priemershofer brucke will now officially begin.

Dam on the B289 disappears
"As part of the first phase of construction, the southern dam next to the federal highway will also be removed", explains andrea kunzl from the hof water management office, which is responsible for the planning. This will be replaced in the future by the dam, on which the bundesstrabe runs. "This gives more space to the water, which makes the construction work on the northern dam possible." The first phase of construction is expected to be completed within this year. In a second construction phase, the northern embankment along the tidal basin will be reinforced with steel sheet piles, which will be driven into the ground down to the rock. "They are then absolutely tight and impermeable to water", so kunzl. That is why the pumping station must be built first. "In the event of heavy rainfall, the water would otherwise back up on the side of the residential area, as it would not be able to enter the flood basin." The groundwater level was rising, water could print into the cellars of the houses. "The pumping station will convey the groundwater through two pipes running through the dam to the other side into the flood basin." The facility will reach seven meters into the ground for this purpose.

Porbitscher au is being redesigned
As part of the second phase of construction, the dam at porbitscher au will also be moved further towards the residential area and the land redesigned. The main river is to be restored to its natural course here. Planning for this section is already underway. "The contracts are to be awarded in the summer so that the work can continue without interruption", kunzl explains.

"The tree removals will certainly have an impact on the residents", says mayor henry schramm (CSU). "But the newly designed flood basin will provide reliable flood protection and at the same time an attractive recreational area. That's why I'm very pleased that the construction work is now getting underway." District administrator klaus peter sollner also speaks of an important project for the district (). "I still remember the floods in may 2006, when we stood on the dam and prayed that it would stop. That went at that time still just well. Anyone who has witnessed this knows how important this project is."

The tree removals now underway are budgeted at 2.5 million euros. In total, the project will cost a good twelve million euros. The city of kulmbach will only have to pay 360.000 euros, with the rest coming from the state of bavaria and the european regional development fund.