“Csu will never get absolute majority again”

"A democratic new beginning would be more successful with new forces than if we were majority procurers for the old system, he told the "frankfurter rundschau (thursday). At the same time, however, he emphasized that the free voters do not want to commit themselves to a favorite coalition partner right now. So far, the free voters are keeping an alliance with the SPD and the greens as well as with the CSU open.
A governmental cooperation with the CSU after the state elections in 2013 is only conceivable if the CSU relinquishes its "claim to omnipotence" comes down, said aiwanger. "The old ropes finally had to be cut, so that we could imagine a cooperation with the CSU."
On wednesday, two polls were published, according to which the CSU and the opposition parties are currently in a neck-and-neck race. According to a representative survey conducted by infratest dimap on behalf of the political magazine kontrovers of the bavarian radio station, the CSU narrowly regained an absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the next state election in the fall of 2013 and currently came in at 44 percent – slightly more than in the 2008 election. According to a second survey conducted by GMS marktforschung on behalf of sat.1 bavaria, on the other hand, only 42 percent opted for the CSU. SPD, greens and freie wahler then came in at 43 percent.
Aiwanger considers it impossible for the CSU to regain an absolute majority in bavaria. "Even if they did everything right, it is now almost impossible for a party to get an absolute majority because there are at least five parties in the arena." The CSU will of course continue to fight for this. "But the way it is behaving at the moment, it is doing itself more harm than good." The CSU is behaving aggressively toward its political competitors. "They are not satisfied with themselves and therefore lash out."
In a conversation with the news agency dpa, aiwanger had already warned the CSU a few days ago not to wantonly close the door to a possible coalition with the free voters after the 2013 state election. The CSU must end its confrontation course with the free voters, he demanded. "Otherwise, the more time goes by, the more difficult it will be for us to maintain the option to work together." Dpa