Displeasure over 29 agenda items and documents

29 items on the agenda, some of them without documentation – the hiltpoltstein councilors did not like that. They expressed their displeasure when mayor gisela schulze-bauer (bfh) asked for the obligatory agreement on the issues at hand.

"The background knowledge for the meeting items is missing. The documents were only posted on the weekend, so i don’t feel sufficiently informed", complained the third mayor gisela geldner (). When the municipal councils still received the documents in writing, this worked well. But since the introduction of the council information system, the documents have been posted only a short time beforehand.

Mayor gisela schulze-bauer took the administration to task. Two employees in the building department are currently missing and there is a lot of work in the administration anyway. The employees had also had a lot of work beforehand, replied geldner. That shortly before the meeting the "ratsinfo" it could not be the case that the city council was not fully informed and the trailer was stuffed. At the time the documents were sent by mail, the information was on the table five days before the meeting. "This window of opportunity is for the council to prepare itself. We must have a few days to do this", wolfgang engel (CSU) also voiced his opinion.

But the council was also concerned about the scope of the agenda. Sebastian heinze (bfh) criticized the fact that the council could not deal with all 29 items on the agenda if they were also to be discussed. "Then we will have to hold a second meeting", proposed michael knauer (bfh).

When a request for urgent construction was also put on the agenda, there was a complete lack of understanding. Since the council was not full and this was not an urgent matter for the community, gisela geldner refused to agree to the agenda.

The point to be dealt with immediately afterwards was one of those criticized, as there was a lack of timely information on the upcoming canal rehabilitation on the B2. Heavy rainfall events are more likely to cause manhole covers to blow away. Before the federal highway is rehabilitated, it would make sense to rehabilitate the sewer system in this area first.

For 1.8 kilometers long and 85 stops, the canalization was therefore examined. Claudia anger from the schneeberg and kraus surveyor’s office cited cracks on the perimeter and cracks in the hair as examples of damage. The stability and the tightness are the most important criteria. It would cost 400,000 euros to seal all of them. But this does not have to be the case. Instead, he said, the municipality wanted to focus first on a subarea that caused the most problems during heavy rains, for which an open construction method was required.

These existing hydraulic problems are to be eliminated by changing the pipe diameter from the current DN 300 to DN 400 up to DN 700. At the "am stock" junction was then connected to the existing pipelines. "This piece did not cost 400 000 euros", said schulze-bauer. Since the municipality has spent a lot of money on sewage disposal, one can expect a demand of up to 150 euros per meter of sewer, the mayor added.

Gerhard leistner (CSU) sees little sense in this act. The weather extremes were getting worse and worse. In this respect, the municipality could not always rework when a manhole cover was pressed out of the road. In addition, the pipeline would be narrowed again after connection to the existing pipelines. "This will then back up again", criticized leistner.

The exact costs for the planned part of the project are to be determined first and then presented to the councils for another vote.