Florian kraft wants to become mayor of leutenbach

Florian kraft wants to become mayor of leutenbach

The cards are being reshuffled in the political municipality of leutenbach. Mayor otto siebenharr ( leutenbach-dietzhof) will not stand for re-election next spring, which is why the candidates for his succession are now lining up.

The free voters leutenbach-dietzhof – which must not be confused with the party "free voters –
have now agreed on florian kraft. The 32-year-old is to become the new mayor of leutenbach in the coming spring.
Kraft is married and father of a son. He is an administrative expert, having already had a taste of other professions has.

Moving away is not an option
After his time at kirchehrenbach secondary school, kraft completed two years as a journeyman carpenter in altendorf and, after his military service, spent a further three years as a "temporary soldier in ebern.

Then this option became too uncertain for him due to the reform of the federal armed forces, which was accompanied by the closure of numerous sites. "The possibility of moving away from leutenbach for professional reasons was out of the question for me. I'm much too attached to my home town for that", kraft writes in his letter of application. He began his training as an administrator with the government of upper franconia, spent two years as a clerk at the district office in forchheim, and then took his final examinations at the district office in bamberg.

Profit from forchheim
Since 2008 kraft has been working for the lower water rights authority as a senior government secretary.
Much had been done in leutenbach under mayor siebenhaar, kraft praised the man whom he would like to succeed in a few months. As examples, kraft mentioned the construction of the clearing plant, the upgrading of the drinking water supply or the renovation of the school in mittelehrenbach.

Florian kraft sees the greatest challenge in demographic change. At the same time, the city of forchheim is experiencing "unprecedented growth in commercial enterprises", opening up opportunities for leutenbach.