From eyesore to eye-catcher – what the village renewal in kleukheim has achieved

From eyesore to eye-catcher - what the village renewal in kleukheim has achieved

The grass does not grow faster if you pull on it. Projects and measures take a certain amount of time to complete. The participants were all the more satisfied with the successful completion of the simple village renewal in kleukheim. The former threshing barn, a crossing aid and the construction of a new footpath were all part of the project.

The ebensfeld mayor bernhard storath, thomas kleylein from the commissioned planning office HTS kronach, wolfgang kiebling, senior building director of the office for rural development, and hubert reub from the ebensfeld market building office were satisfied with the result.

The eyesore at the end of the village

In order to better understand today's positive situation, it is worth taking a look back at the past: the building complex at the end of the village in the direction of scheblitz, with the former threshing hall and the old fire station directly connected to it, caused local residents and the municipal administration some pain. Not a few even used the expression "eyesore" in the mouth.

This could not remain a permanent state of affairs – the ebensfeld municipal council agreed on this too. When the long privately owned site was put up for sale in 2015, the time was finally right for a change. The municipality acquired the land – thus the way was open for a simple village renewal. The majority of the town council voted in favor of the project. A grant of 143,000 euros from the office for regional development – 65 percent of the total cost – provided additional impetus.

After the demolition of the old fire station, there was work to be done on the adjacent building to make the hall usable in the future as storage space for local associations. This included the partial gutting of the building, the renovation of the roof and the installation of new windows and gates. Three impressive gates now form the "face" as seen from the main street of kleukheim the hall, the coarser space even offers the possibility of the passage.

The building is now almost ready for use: the exterior design is complete, the interior still needs an additional layer of flooring to make it accessible to vehicles. Where the old fire station once stood, there are now four parking spaces.

"We can be happy that it has now worked out so well with the implementation", said mayor storath. The mayor thanked the planners, the office for rural development, the companies involved and the committed local councillors, who were actively involved in the project. He also praised the good cooperation with the office for rural development and the other authorities.

Kleukheimer as a rough help

All representatives at the press conference also emphasized the extraordinary commitment of the village residents. During the gutting of the old threshing hall, during the breakthroughs within it and with regard to the masonry work, some citizens invested a lot of time voluntarily in order to make their village a little bit more beautiful.

"The land on the edge of town is no longer recognizable. When you drive from scheblitz to kleukheim, the building is now a real eye-catcher", wolfgang kiebling was also full of praise. Simple village renewal is a good way of creating positive changes without major administrative hassle, and the market town of ebensfeld has done an excellent job of it, he added. The good cooperation in planning and implementation was also emphasized in his words by thomas kleylein from the HTS kronach planning office. The simple village renewal project in kleukheim also included two other construction sites, the completion of which was also welcomed at the press conference: on the one hand – also with a state subsidy of 65 percent – a new footpath was laid along the main road in kleukheim from the junction with brunnenweg to the end of the village in the direction of scheblitz. This is what the villagers had wished for. In addition, a crossing aid was built at the end of the village.

180000 euros already paid out

After a successful review of the application by the municipality, a sum of around 180,000 euros, and thus the major part of the state funds for the renovation, has now been paid out to the market town of ebensfeld.

Although this is no longer part of the simple village renewal in kleukheim, mayor storath also spoke at the meeting about the construction of the decided walking and cycling path from the end of the village of kleukheim. Up to the junction oberoberndorf, where the municipal area ends, such a long two kilometers shall be created. Following a decision by the municipal council last year, the first 420-meter long section of the bike path project has already been implemented.

The realization of the second construction phase along state road 2187 is expected to be realized in the coming year, as the mayor had already announced at the city council meeting in september.

Storath now plans to pursue the project as soon as the municipality's budget allows. Otherwise, close and good contact is maintained with the neighboring municipality of scheblitz with the common goal of realizing a continuous cycle path.

Village renewal in the 90s

After the village renewal in kleukheim in the mid-1990s, when the school square and the inner village footpath along the kellbach were redesigned, the most recent village renewal also represents a successful rejuvenation of the market town – the representatives were unanimous on this point.