Highest bfv award: ssv kitzingen receives golden diamond

highest bfv award: ssv kitzingen receives golden diamond

SSV kitzingen received a rude awakening at its members’ meeting on friday evening. The club was honored with the highest award of the bavarian football association (BFV), the golden diamond, by the honorary district commissioner in the wurzburg match district, ludwig bauer.

Neither the sporting performance, nor a table position are a yardstick for the awarding of the prize. In fact, the association uses this seal of approval to honor clubs that demonstrate outstanding long-term performance in the areas of youth work, volunteering, prevention and mass sports, thus living up to the DFB’s motto: "fubball is more than 1:0, fubball is social responsibility – do justice. Out of ten criteria in each of the above areas, at least four criteria must be met in order to receive the golden diamond.

For 2024 the leap into the "diamond champions league" beckons

"Good restaurants get stars, and clubs that do something special are awarded the diamond", this is how bauer expressed it in his laudatory speech and praised the great voluntary commitment at SSV kitzingen. What in the economy the certification is, represents in a sports club the golden rod as a confirmation of the qualification reached by itself. Socially, the SSV is now certainly in the "diamond european league" and, according to the statutes of the BFV, will be able to make the leap into the "diamond champions league" in 2024 create.

From a purely sporting point of view, the siedler-sportverein is a long way from the top flight in soccer, but last season, as district league champions, the SSV succeeded in making the leap into the district league. Chairman mathias rumpel was full of praise in view of the 81 points achieved with a full 23 points ahead of the first chaser, bayern kitzingen. Since the BFV started collecting data, no team has ever won the championship with such aplomb, the official proudly stated.

The own talents should be kept in the club

In order to achieve further successes in the future, the club continues to be very interested in young talent. It was all the more disappointing for those responsible that their own A-youth team (U19) had to be deregistered from play shortly before the start of the preseason due to a lack of players. Meanwhile, the club has found a solution to the problem. From the coming season, the SSV will enter into a junior joint venture with neighboring bayern kitzingen for the U19, U15 and U13 juniors, as the deputy youth director, bernd wenkheimer, explained. This should ensure that the own talents can be kept in the club in the long term. "Associations that do not keep up with the times, go with the times", ludwig bauer said philosophically in his keynote speech. SSV kitzingen seems to take him at his word.