Horbar good community feeling

Horbar good community feeling

Wolfgang desombre in other cities such events are called "rudelsingen" or "sing-along events called. In the city on the west coast, this action was a hit "1. Coburg christmas caroling" and more than 50 male and female singers came together.

Tuesday evening in the foyer of wohnbau auf der mauer was less about striking the right note than about a great sense of community. Everyone who wanted to be there was allowed to give his voice to the best. The singers were musically supported by the group "die stimmbande", who also packed cajon, contrabass and other instruments for the evening.

The main task of wohnbau stadt coburg is to provide housing for all, said managing director christian meyer. Furthermore, wohnbau makes sure that the city and its surroundings are lovable and worth living in. The intention was therefore to open their foyer for activities. The move of wohnbau into the city has created a place that brings the citizens of burgen together. In this way, wohnbau shows the "spirit of community", said meyer.

"Singing is relaxing, good for you and healthy", said oliver hess, head of the culture department of the coburg adult education center, which had invited to this first coburg christmas caroling event. The community is what makes the VHS tick, whether it’s learning a language, taking a fitness class, or singing together today. This communal singing is a trend that has now also arrived in coburg, said hess. Whether this experiment succeeds is up to the singers. Hess ratselte: "will the evening be contemplative or will there be a party atmosphere??"

Carmen hofmann from bad rodach had been singing from the 1. Coburg christmas singing experienced and wanted to see "if something is going on" or. Today her voice is a little sore, but she wants to be there again next time. The whole thing was not unknown to her. Often they go to the "rudelsingen" to furth.

This first attempt in coburg was all about the sense of community that comes from making music, when tones, rhythms and vibrations come together to form a whole. On the stage stood "the vocal band" under the direction of markus geiger, to give the songs the necessary swing. Classic german christmas songs like "O du frohliche" were played and especially sung, "little children come and international songs like "white christmas or "winter wonderland. Angelika zuger was the moderator of the evening. She has been leading the VHS choir for many years and knows how to motivate the sometimes somewhat reticent people of coburg to sing. So that everyone could sing along, the lyrics of the songs were projected on the wall. Punch and apple mulled wine from bad rodach made sure that the throats did not dry out.