Low pressure area “eta” approaches honduras

Low pressure area 'eta' approaches honduras

Honduras prepares for the arrival of low-pressure area "eta. President juan orlando hernandez declared a state of national emergency and ordered the evacuation of particularly dangerous areas.

More than 2500 people have been brought to safety. "The next hours and days are crucial because of the expected rain," said the head of state during a meeting of the crisis management team. "The ground is already completely soaked with water."

"Eta" made landfall in nicaragua on tuesday as a hurricane of the second strongest category four with wind speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour. Tropical storm uprooted trees, covered roofs and caused rivers to overflow their banks. At least three people lost their lives.

Although "eta" quickly lost power, the region’s authorities still described it as very dangerous. The low pressure area is moving slowly and brings a lot of rain with it. After a heavy rainy season in the past months many soils are already soaked and can hardly absorb further rainfall. This increases the danger of landslides.

"Eta" could bring as much or more rain than the devastating hurricane "mitch," warned honduran secretary of state in the prasidial office ebal diaz. The 1998 hurricane killed at least 9,000 people and left 9,000 others missing across central america. The exact number of dead is still unknown. In the poor countries of the region, where the infrastructure is generally poorly developed, natural disasters often have fatal consequences.

"Eta" is the 28. Tropical storm in the atlantic in the current season. Only in 2005 have there been so many tropical storms so far. The hurricane season in the caribbean lasts until 30 september. November.

According to the forecast of the u.S. Hurricane center, "eta" was now allowed to move further over honduras and then out to the caribbean again. The tropical storm could then hit cuba and the south of the u.S. State of florida over the weekend.