Motto: “gartenlust – lustgarten”

motto: 'gartenlust - lustgarten'

Katharina muller-sanke as a "cultural summit deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann describes a new project in thurnau. At "gartenlust – lustgarten" artists from different fields work together and create a common event.

Renowned representatives of the german graphic artists’ lodge exhibit their art. In addition, there is the musical reading already preserved in the castle theater thurnau.

Pictures, music and poetry revolve around the theme "garden – sometimes cheerful, sometimes serious, sometimes intimate and sometimes dramatic. Wolfgang krebs, director and actor at the schlosstheater thurnau, is in charge of the project. Together with birgit hachl he reads short poems by goethe, fontane, busch and many more.

Texts and music

The texts are repeatedly complemented by appropriate musical interludes by tanja schaller and martin kohlerschmidt. The works on the walls underline the whole wonderfully.

The event is due not least to the friendly relationship between fellow artists wolfgang krebs and stephan klenner-otto. The graphic artist from neudrossenfeld has founded the german graphic artist lodge only one year ago. Professional graphic artists from all over germany have organized themselves in this game. 13 of these artists now exhibit their works around the theme garden and nature in the bower of the castle.

The original and not yet renovated rooms and the corresponding dusty ambience offer a special contrast to the blooming and lively works of art. On display are impressive nude paintings by diego bianconi, extraordinary landscapes in oil by luzie kazda and also the photographs by katja gehrung, which are full of contrasts.

Of course also the thurnauer gunter karittke is represented with his unique works of art around the thurnauer castle. As well as klenner-otto, from whose pen also comes the cover picture of the event.

Premiere on 15. September

An excerpt from the program was shown to a very small circle of guests on sunday.

The premiere takes place on 15. September at 5 pm. Further performances are on 22. And 29. September, also at 5 pm.