Private university in bamberg on the brink of extinction

private university in bamberg on the brink of extinction

The "university of applied sciences bamberg – private university of health" has specialized in training in health professions and courses of study such as physiotherapy and logopadia. The reason for the possible out:

in its accreditation decision, which is important for the university’s continued existence, the science council came to the conclusion that the bamberger institution "does not currently meet the scientific standards of a university offering courses in the first bologna cycle." The counsel said verbatim.

This has natural consequences. Because the recognition as a non-governmental university of applied sciences by the ministry of science until 30. September 2013 was limited. Upon request, the ministry stated that the decision of the scientific council does not allow the extension of state recognition.

Concretely, this means that the university is no longer allowed to accept new students. However, the current 150 or so students, who have to pay up to 500 euros a month for their studies, were still allowed to finish their education and take exams. The bachelor’s degree he earned is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a state university of applied sciences.