Record-breaking pageant is in the offing

record-breaking pageant is in the offing

The bamberg district association of the bavarian farmers’ association (bbv) is expecting a record turnout this year for the procession to the district harvest festival. "So far we have 79 registrations, and experience has shown that there are always a few more jumping on the bandwagon", hubert dietz, managing director, takes stock of the event. 74 wagons and groups have been the maximum number of participants so far, this year for the first time the 80 mark was exceeded. Next sunday, 23. September, the record-breaking train will be joined by 13.30 o’clock in stegaurach (neuaurach) set in motion.

Hubert dietz does not have a clear explanation for this large number of participants either. The mood in the agricultural sector has not worsened, but is perhaps even good at the moment. Whether this can be the trigger for new records, the manager does not really want to believe. "We are pleased that from the aurachgrund the participation from the non-agricultural sector is very rough", dietz calls a possibility. For example, in addition to the lisberg winery, the metzner company and the municipal building yard had also announced their participation. "The farmers can make good use of this solidarity."

It is not known which topics will be the main focus of the train. "We let ourselves be surprised", says co-organizer sabine dotzer, who together with gerlinde eichhorn, werner wabmann, gunther litzfelder and hubert dietz has taken matters into their own hands. The official motto is "harvest as a gift and a task".

The historic flag of the bavarian farmers’ association, which was consecrated in 1900, will certainly be an eye-catcher in the record-breaking procession. Completely restored a few years ago, this year the countrywomen’s group of the local association of stegaurach is opening the huge procession for harvest thanksgiving 2012 with it. Until now, the historic banner has not been carried in parades, but this year it will be presented to the public for the first time.

Church parade and festive speech

not only in stegaurach and the surrounding area, but in the entire district, local associations of the farmers’ association and numerous other associations participate. They are in the process of building floats for the county harvest festival and preparing for participation in the parade. With currently 79 floats and groups, this procession will probably be one of the largest of all harvest festivals, as hubert dietz remarks. Harvest thanksgiving is traditiongemab first and foremost thanks to higher power for the harvest.

From the farming profession this thanks is maintained and honored. At the same time, dietz emphasizes, this festival should also be a rally for the farming profession and the rural population. Most of the harvest crowns are already tied. The farmers from stegaurach and the surrounding area will bake french doughnuts in cooperation with the ring fur familiendienstleistungen already on sunday tomorrow.

Fubgroups from wattendorf and rosch laub participate in the pageant. The oldtimerfreunde seigendorf are participating with more than ten vintage tractors and other historic vehicles. The themes of the floats range from "feierabend" to "erntekrone" and "danke guter gott". Several kindergartens and a school contribute to the enrichment of the pageant. In addition to many historic vehicles, modern coarse machinery such as a tractor with a new seed drill and a combine harvester will also be on display in the procession.

The festival starts already at 8.45 o’clock with the church parade from the church and at 9 o’clock with the festive service in the marquee. Followed by fruhschoppen and lunch. The procession begins on sunday, 23. September, at 13.30 o’clock with the line-up in neusteg aurach and then moves over the hauptstrabe to the sports field, the festlande. The new president of the upper franconian farmers’ association, hermann greif from pinzberg, gave the keynote address. The muhlendorfer brass band plays for entertainment.

The procession and the district harvest festival take place in a joint action between the bavarian farmers’ association and the working group for the 1200th anniversary of the municipality of stegaurach under the leadership of its chairman gunter litzlfelder. The marquee and catering will be provided by the spielervereinigung stegaurach under the leadership of werner wabmann. The supply of coffee and cakes will be taken care of by sabine dotzer and gerlinde eichhorn from the farmers’ group of the bavarian farmers’ association and the ring fur familiendienstleistung.