The need for childcare is increasing

Martin hempfling from the youth welfare planning department in the district office of forchheim presented the data on needs planning in the eggolsheim market to the eggolsheim market town councils. Hempfling expects the number of children in elementary schools as well as in daycare centers and kindergartens to increase and thus the need for care to grow steadily.

The basis for the estimates is the development of the local population, which is positive and growing thanks to the favorable location in the nurnberg metropolitan region.

According to article 5 of the bavarian law on the education, upbringing and care of children in kindergartens, daycare facilities and daycare (bay-kibig), the municipalities must provide the necessary places in the facilities in good time. To do this, the need must be determined and the wishes and needs of the parents must be taken into account. From the child’s first birthday, for example, parents have a legal right to a place in a daycare center, but at the latest when the child reaches the age of three.

The market town of eggolsheim must react to the forecast demand in a forward-looking manner and make the necessary places available, hempfling explained. At the moment, a place can only be made available for every child because the former rooms of the drugendorf daycare center will be reactivated from september and an additional group will be set up. The concept of the facility still needs to be adapted to the new situation and discussed with the supervisor.

However, the higher demand is not only due to the fact that there are more children, but also because more parents are using childcare for their children, especially in the early childhood sector up to the age of three.

The administration will submit proposals on this matter at the next meeting.