Tractor-trailer catches fire – highway closed

A truck caught fire on the A9 near trockau on tuesday morning. Due to the intense heat and smoke development, both directions of travel had to be completely closed off. Against 8.50 o’clock a 62-year-old man from the district of weiden was driving his dump truck on the highway in the direction of berlin. When he had to stop on the hard shoulder due to a technical defect, he already noticed a fire developing in the area of the engine. The driver was able to get out of the car on his own and make an emergency call. When the first rescue vehicles arrived, the driver’s house was already in full blaze. Only when the fire was under control was it possible to reopen the road to munich after about ten minutes. The lane in the direction of berlin had to remain closed for about an hour due to the frozen loo water. This caused considerable delays, as the required vehicle did not fit through the – only partially existing – rescue lane in many places. The total damage to property amounts to approximately 100,000 euros. The traffic participants had to expect slight obstructions in the further course of the day due to the salvage work. Subsequently, the asphalt must be examined for fire damage. In connection with the incident, the bayreuth traffic police point out that the emergency lane must also be kept clear for wide vehicles.