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“It must go on!”

From 1997 to 2003, grebner worked as a teacher at the german school in windhoek/ namibia. He saw not only a fascinating nature, but also a lot of hardship and misery. His social commitment to disadvantaged, disabled and orphaned children began. Since then, he has been supporting facilities in the poor districts of windhoek and swakopmund, as well as a children's home in northern namibia. Only recently, the former teacher was back in the african country for six weeks.

What drove you to namibia this time?

Roland grebner: in 2017, the senior experts service (SES) in bonn sent me to namibia for the first time for three months. I was asked to provide pedagogical and didactical support for kindergartens in the townships and to develop a pedagogical and organizational concept for the children's home in the north of namibia. The people in charge in namibia wanted me to come back. I myself was extremely curious to see if I could leave a mark, make a difference, continue the work. I was delighted when the follow-up assignment was approved.

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Private university in bamberg on the brink of extinction

private university in bamberg on the brink of extinction

The "university of applied sciences bamberg – private university of health" has specialized in training in health professions and courses of study such as physiotherapy and logopadia. The reason for the possible out:

in its accreditation decision, which is important for the university’s continued existence, the science council came to the conclusion that the bamberger institution "does not currently meet the scientific standards of a university offering courses in the first bologna cycle." The counsel said verbatim.

This has natural consequences. Because the recognition as a non-governmental university of applied sciences by the ministry of science until 30. September 2013 was limited. Upon request, the ministry stated that the decision of the scientific council does not allow the extension of state recognition.

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How jurgen kobler wants to storm the iphof town hall for the spd party

How jurgen kobler wants to storm the iphof town hall for the spd party

Vineyards or town hall: jurgen kobler can live with either when it comes to where he prefers to be photographed for this portrait. For weather reasons, it will then but the ratsgebaude, which fits. Kobler lacks the temperament to rut with fervor on the tower of the iphof town hall like gerhard schroder once did on the fences of the chancellor's office. But the SPD man leaves no doubt that he would like to move in here after the municipal elections in march 2020: whether as mayor or as a regular city councilor.

The last time the SPD ran a candidate for mayor of iphofen, in 1948, the second world war had just ended. Nevertheless, not everyone, even in his own local association, thought the time was ripe to go into the election with his own candidate. You have to accept these votes, says kobler about the recent criticism of his candidacy by the two SPD city councilors otto kolesch and bernd hartmann. On the other hand, he has experienced a lot of sympathy and encouragement, and has talked to people who have encouraged him. After all, iphofen is on the verge of a political shake-up – now that the free-voter man josef mend will not be running again after almost 30 years in office.

Kobler is well aware of his role and speaks confidently about his strengths, but he is not a bully, not the larming antithesis to his likewise rather pragmatic competitor of the free voters, dieter lenzer. Jovial in content, authoritative in tone, the 42-year-old physician embodies the comprehending grievance. The question is whether that will be enough to distinguish him from his opponent, who has made a name for himself in many years of city council politics. Kobler doesn't have much to show in the way of local political practice so far. He himself does not consider this a disadvantage. "City council work is something different than mayor work."Being mayor is not something you can learn, you have to grow into it. He knows a lot about administrative work from his daily work at the clinic.

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Bad bruckenau “active against cancer

Bad bruckenau

Around 4,000 visitors took advantage of the health city's offerings, which is about ten percent more than two years ago. From 28. September to 5. October was all about the motto "active against cancer" in the spa town. Uwe schmidt, who is responsible for the town marketing, sees the reasons for the positive resonance on the one hand in better advertising, which became possible by demand funds. On the other hand, the offers had complemented each other perfectly.

As an example, schmidt mentioned sunday, when the open house at the prummer clinic, the regional market at the georgi hall and the autumn market in the city center attracted many visitors. Some of the lectures were less well attended, but this could have been due to the overlapping of the offerings.

Pink T-shirts still available
"Our partners have been consistently positive", said karin bauer from the tourist information office. That's why there will be a health city again in two years' time.

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Nike oregon project: medal factory for top runners

Nike oregon project: medal factory for top runners

A member of the nike oregon project? At the world athletics championships in doha, runners are no longer just divided into nations. Meanwhile, there is an unofficial new category.

Seven athletes from the camp of the banned star coach alberto salazar are at the start in doha – including the german top talent konstanze klosterhalfen. The case made a lot of headlines at the world cup.

The general suspicion weighed heavily on everyone at first. Now U.S. Anti-doping agency head travis tygart said on ZDF that no world championship participant is involved in the case. Athletes who participated until 2014 testified at the investigation. What runners will draw consequences from the verdict with the four-year ban for salazar and medic jeffrey brown remains to be seen.

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Experts warn of permanent summertime – “especially hard” for schoolchildren and students

experts warn of permanent summertime - 'especially hard' for schoolchildren and students

When summertime begins on sunday, many people are happy about the "longer" days days. The price for the extra daylight in the evening hours must be paid in the morning in the same coin – it will be light later. Since 1996 the clocks in the european union are changed in march and october. Germany has had daylight saving time since 1980.

The original idea was to save energy thanks to better use of daylight. The EU parliament is planning to abolish the time changeover in 2021: this was the position agreed by the deputies in strobburg on tuesday. For the actual abolition, however, a compromise still had to be reached with the member states. Arguments for or against the time change there are many. Which are true?

CONTAINMENT: summer time helps to save energy.

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