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Motto: “gartenlust – lustgarten”

motto: 'gartenlust - lustgarten'

Katharina muller-sanke as a "cultural summit deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann describes a new project in thurnau. At "gartenlust – lustgarten" artists from different fields work together and create a common event.

Renowned representatives of the german graphic artists’ lodge exhibit their art. In addition, there is the musical reading already preserved in the castle theater thurnau.

Pictures, music and poetry revolve around the theme "garden – sometimes cheerful, sometimes serious, sometimes intimate and sometimes dramatic. Wolfgang krebs, director and actor at the schlosstheater thurnau, is in charge of the project. Together with birgit hachl he reads short poems by goethe, fontane, busch and many more.

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The hammelburg water house in bright red

the hammelburg water house in bright red

The clubhouse of the music initiative at the entrance to hammelburg is seldom seen in such a blatant light. The facade of the wasserhaus shone for hours in aggressive red along with thousands of other buildings across germany. With the night of light, many artists drew attention to their plight.

"The event industry is on the red list of "industries acutely threatened with extinction", it hieb in the call to locations, organizers, event agencies, fair companies, fair builders, caterers, non-food caterers, technology service providers, deco companies and individual entrepreneurs. Also the music initiative hammelburg fights with the hygiene restrictions against the coronavirus. "Fortunately, it does not threaten our existence as individuals", says chairman sean miller with a view to the 360 members. "We all have our professions, says miller. Even the hard core of 15 particularly active members works on a voluntary basis. However, some event technicians in the initiative’s environment are more affected by the crisis.

Association is not carefree

But the association is not carefree either. To document this, miller and board member julian ottenweller screwed on the illumination for four hours. The frustration has reasons: since the beginning of march the water house has not seen any concert. Four events, including the dance into may with otherwise up to 300 visitors, have therefore gone down the drain.

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In unterrodach texts and music gave the angels “wings

In Unterrodach texts and music gave the angels 'wings

Underroof- mysterious and light they surround us: angels – messengers of creation, guardians of our soul; placed by god at man’s side, they watch over us, they give comfort, they soothe pain. This is probably the most common image of an angel – preached in the early days – and it is expressed in the most beautiful poetry of numerous romantic poems about angels.

Angel poems were also heard on tuesday evening in the michaeliskirche in unterrodach – from the pen of ingo cesaro, who also read them out himself. Literary treasures of more recent date – such as “wunderkind” – were honored, “three four feathers”, “shaken are guardian angels and “because angels also mourn”; but especially from the book “from the shadow of angels”. The anthology contains 150 angel poems from 25 years and 120 individual angel poems translated into 21 languages.

But why does a political writer like ingo cesaro write angel poems at all?? For him, angels are a metaphor for the "unspeakable" to put into words. The "unspeakable was the chernobyl disaster on 26. April 1986. Chernobyl is translated from russian or ukrainian "wermutstern" – and just this wermutstern is found in the john revelation in 7. Seal and the first six trumpets, verse 10 and 11: "a star will fall from the sky" … And this star is called wermut, so wermutstern" ("a star of wermut"). Cesaro’s angels are sometimes fallen, stumbled angels. They are the ones that leave a trail of blood with a damaged wing – as in the poem "my unreachable guardian angel, with which the cultural mediator opened his reading. Those who have "failed" as guardian angels are full of pain; feel guilty and overwhelmed in the face of what is happening in our world: "a stone angel bent over the grave of a twelve-year-old laura crouches unbelievably for a dozen years, his mute expression directed at the grave mound"…" ("a maple leaf").

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Lowengebrull and huhnergackern on the organ

Lowengebrull and huhnergackern on the organ

Waltzing elephants, xylophone-playing squids, marching lows and much more: they were a bit cheeky – the countless big and small animals who loved to share their annual carnival with the young and young-at-heart audience at the kiwanis special concert in the christuskirche on monday. But they were also quite "hand-tame and above all very entertaining!

Funny animal parade

Many little organ mice then also pricked up their ears attentively and hoarded the funny animal parade. Majestically the lowe roars, tortoises dance in slow motion cancan, from the depth of the forest the cuckoo announces itself.

Who doesn’t know and love them: those of the french composer camille saint-saen in his enjoyable "carnival of the animals"? So aptly drawn musical animal portraits?! Into this fantastic animal world escaped on monday deanery cantor marius popp as well as susanne popp in the context of the traditional special concert of the kiwanis club kronach-frankenwald. "This year we wanted a concert especially for children", declared its president henry weissbach, when he welcomed the many visitors at the beginning of the event. The deanery cantor had recommended the piece "carnival of the animals" to him – a good choice, as it turned out a good choice, as it soon turned out.

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