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Sickershauser settlers at the federal horticultural show

Sickershauser settlers at the federal horticultural show

The federal horticultural show in heilbronn under the motto "bleeding life" was the destination of this year’s day trip of the sickershausen community of settlers, according to a press release. To the delight of the chairman, robert heinkel, the journey could be started with a fully occupied bus in best weather conditions. On almost 40 hectares of exhibition space with a mix of mature land, especially including the neckar river, as well as modern architecture, the sustainable concept of the garden show was quickly recognizable and traceable.

For the first time in the almost 70-year history of the federal horticultural show, people live on the horticultural show grounds. 800 residents of the "city exhibition" can or. Will call the model project their home already during the garden festival and live in the garden show area. BUGA visitors were able to experience how green space and architecture, how an unusual garden exhibition with diverse park landscapes and an innovative city exhibition with urban architecture can be creatively transformed into something unique.

In the many very already arranged areas like e. B. Flower shows, summer island, neckaruferpark, garden worlds, harbor park and rose garden, there were also many interesting ideas and information for flower fans and garden lovers to see about the green for their own house, balcony and garden. The flower show in the ABX hall, with its rose exhibition and hydrangea presentations, was a good example of the high quality achieved by growers in germany.

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Low faces balancing act: argentina game inconvenient

low faces balancing act: argentina game inconvenient

Six weeks after the bitter semi-final loss to italy, the national coach must name a strong squad for the first international match of the new season on thursday. Opponent is after all argentina. "No one is happy about this date," explained bayern munchen’s sports director matthias sammer, who, as a former DFB sports director, knows the dilemma from the other side as well. The test on 15. August against argentina is inconvenient for everyone, even for low.

The DFB head coach, who disappeared from the public eye after his elimination from the european championship in warsaw and his return home at the end of june, is already approaching the bundesliga and assembling his staff just two days before the game. On monday afternoon, the players around captain philipp lahm have to arrive in frankfurt; just 57 hours later, the performance comparison against the two-time world champions will take place. "This date is nonsense. From a sporting point of view, he certainly makes little sense for the national team," said dortmund’s sporting director michael zorc.

FIFA, the world governing body, has now reacted to the situation and removed the unpopular august date from the international calendar. But low still has to manage the balancing act once for the test against the argentines. The bundesliga clubs are still in the preparatory phase, starting the first round of the DFB cup a few days after the national match. Doubles winners dortmund and FC bayern to battle it out on 12. August in munich still for the supercup.

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“Csu will never get absolute majority again”

"A democratic new beginning would be more successful with new forces than if we were majority procurers for the old system, he told the "frankfurter rundschau (thursday). At the same time, however, he emphasized that the free voters do not want to commit themselves to a favorite coalition partner right now. So far, the free voters are keeping an alliance with the SPD and the greens as well as with the CSU open.
A governmental cooperation with the CSU after the state elections in 2013 is only conceivable if the CSU relinquishes its "claim to omnipotence" comes down, said aiwanger. "The old ropes finally had to be cut, so that we could imagine a cooperation with the CSU."
On wednesday, two polls were published, according to which the CSU and the opposition parties are currently in a neck-and-neck race. According to a representative survey conducted by infratest dimap on behalf of the political magazine kontrovers of the bavarian radio station, the CSU narrowly regained an absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the next state election in the fall of 2013 and currently came in at 44 percent – slightly more than in the 2008 election. According to a second survey conducted by GMS marktforschung on behalf of sat.1 bavaria, on the other hand, only 42 percent opted for the CSU. SPD, greens and freie wahler then came in at 43 percent.
Aiwanger considers it impossible for the CSU to regain an absolute majority in bavaria. "Even if they did everything right, it is now almost impossible for a party to get an absolute majority because there are at least five parties in the arena." The CSU will of course continue to fight for this. "But the way it is behaving at the moment, it is doing itself more harm than good." The CSU is behaving aggressively toward its political competitors. "They are not satisfied with themselves and therefore lash out."
In a conversation with the news agency dpa, aiwanger had already warned the CSU a few days ago not to wantonly close the door to a possible coalition with the free voters after the 2013 state election. The CSU must end its confrontation course with the free voters, he demanded. "Otherwise, the more time goes by, the more difficult it will be for us to maintain the option to work together." Dpa

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At the sv garitz the bad luck marie wears the pants

At the sv garitz the bad luck marie wears the pants

TSV kleinrinderfeld – SV garitz 4:1 (2:1) – sequence of goals: 1:0 david hedtstuck (6.), 2:0 pascal rausch (9.), 2:1 michael bieber (40.), 3:1 johannes wegmann (74.), 4:1 dennie michael (82.).

The garitzer come back with empty hands from the wurzburger land "because our defensive concept, on which we had set up, was already thrown over the heap after ten minutes", press spokesman johannes werner contrite. A point win would have been possible because of the chances, especially after the break, but there were the counterattacks of the funsch-elf.
The hosts' lead started from a corner. Benedikt lang headed the ball away from the goal, but right at david hedtstuck, against whose arc-lamp shot SV keeper christoph werner had no chance of defense. The goalkeeper was the best of his team, before the break he made several spectacular saves and prevented a greater deficit, especially in the actions of the most dangerous tsvler. Said tsvler hit pascal rausch, who virtually stirred up the opponent's cover and gave his opponent benedikt lang many riddles to solve. Rausch was also responsible for the 2:0 when he took full advantage of a play error by sebastian to make a solo run. Shortly before, bastian schober had the equalizer on the fub, but after a free ball by konstantin papadopoulos, which keeper patrick fuchs had allowed to bounce, he put the ball past the goal. Papadopoulos and schober then had several chances to score the final goal, which was finally scored by ex-oerlenbacher michael bieber, who nodded in after a schober corner in his landesliga debut.

Unstoppable deflected
The grun-weiben were at the printer in the second 45 minutes, but had to continue to watch out for the wieselflinken rausch. He now had to deal with arthur gerlinger, but he also had disadvantages in terms of speed. When manuel krieter forced fuchs to fly into the corner of the net, the sadowski defenders were once again upbeat, but the humiliation followed by return. A dangerous shot by johannes wegmann "that would have gone two meters past the goal" (werner), changed the direction of flight from the back of substitute michael mutzel in such a way that it flew past christoph werner over the goal line.
The unconditional offensive of the gaste was punished with the fourth goal against. Rausch broke away after a liberating shot and served dennie michael, who only had to hold out the fub. "Compared to the last games we were improved", so werner deporting "the defeat turned out to be too high due to the course of the game".
Garitz: werner – lang (46. Gerlinger), schmitt (65. Mutzel), krieter, wijn – glockler, full, cazzella, bieber (60. Ozorio) – papadopoulos, schober

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The financial situation in albertshofen is in order

the financial situation in albertshofen is in order

Albertshofen is one of the first municipalities in the district this year to adopt the budget for 2018 at this early stage. The total budget of 6.59 million euros (rounded figures) is 260,000 euros less than the current year’s budget. The most striking change in the figures is the decrease of 400,000 euros in the budget.

In the administrative budget, income tax participation remains the largest source of revenue at 1.1 million euros, followed by key allocations, which increased by 46,000 euros to 673,000 euros. Despite the district levy of 827,000 euros to be paid, according to the plan the municipality generates a transfer of 316,000 euros from the administrative budget to the property budget. After deducting the debt service, the municipality has a free financial margin of 204,000 euros.

Michael schmitt from the kitzingen administration had good news for the council, because the medium-term financial planning foresees that the allocation from the administration budget will increase significantly and continuously in the following years, up to 620,000 euros in 2021. In 2018, the budget for assets will grow to 3.1 million euros, with investments totaling 2.25 million euros.

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Spd minister criticizes doubts about npd ban

spd minister criticizes doubts about npd ban

CSU interior affairs expert hans-peter uhl had previously said that a new application for a ban against the extreme right-wing party was as good as a done deal.

To link the shredding of documents with the evaluation of the chances of success is "pretty far-fetched", lewentz told the dpa news agency. The findings collected would be decisive for a decision on a new procedure. "The conference of interior ministers and the conference of ministers-presidents will deal with the prospects of success of a NPD ban procedure at the beginning of december," he said. "I see no reason to deviate from the agreed course of action."

The chairman of the conference of interior ministers (IMK), mecklenburg-western pomerania’s lorenz caffier (CDU), also sees it that way. The interior ministers had agreed in march to collect evidence against the npd until autumn and then to decide on a ban application. At the same time, V-people in the NPD leadership, because of whom the first attempt to ban the party in 2003 had failed, were shut down.

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Homework for the city

The bicycle city of bamberg gains contours. Now the world heritage city was accepted as a member of the working group of bicycle-friendly municipalities in bavaria (AGFK bavaria) at a ceremony in the dachau castle.

The event also highlighted the importance and tradition of cycling in bamberg, according to a city press release. From the mid-1990s, the hierarchically structured cycling network was "systematically expanded" and cycling concerns are "consistently taken into account in all new planning" has been. Today, 30 percent of all trips made by the bamberg population are made by bicycle, and the figure for internal traffic is as high as 35 percent (as of 2015). Despite the efforts of the city’s leaders, a citizens’ movement formed in the fall of 2017 to call for a "bamberg wheel decision" to support this form of transport even more strongly. In january 2018, the city council adopted the goals of this citizens’ petition and thus agreed to further mabnahme on the bicycle traffic demand.

Accurate grading

Before bamberg officially becomes "bicycle-friendly the project still has to pass a demanding review process. AGFK membership gives rise to a variety of tasks. In addition to closing gaps, the cycling infrastructure must be adapted to the increased volume of cycling traffic. An important step in this direction is the parking space statute, which requires proof of bicycle parking spaces for all new buildings and changes of use (400 euros per bicycle parking space can be paid off).

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Exchange at loch – two world championship titles for german team

exchange at loch - two world championship titles for german team

Felix loch was frustrated after missing out on defending his title.

"That’s amazing. We have to change things and work on the material. It can’t go on like this," said the dethroned luge world champion of 2019 at the title competitions in sochi, where the 30-year-old ended up in ninth place only. His teammate johannes ludwig just missed a podium finish with fourth place. Thus, only the doubles and the team relay at the end gave the german luge team two titles at the world championships.

With a total of five medals, the german lugers fell short of the seven podium places expected by national coach norbert loch. Most successful luge nation are the russian hosts, who won five out of seven competitions. The last time a german team had a similarly modest world cup result was at the 2009 world championships in lake placid. The victory in the relay with julia taubitz, ludwig and the doubles team toni eggert/sascha benecken made for a satisfying end after all. The germans benefited from the disqualification of the russian team.

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Man shoots ex-colleague in front of empire state building

Man shoots ex-colleague in front of empire state building

"Without saying anything, he shot him once in the head and then in the body," new york police chief raymond kelly said in a statement. According to U.S. Media, the perpetrator and his 41-year-old ex-colleague had long been involved in a dispute over harassment at work. "I’m going to kill you," the 58-year-old allegedly threatened, according to NBC, citing court documents from april 2011. The men had filed lawsuits against each other in advance of the slating, kelly confirmed.

Nine people were also injured in the shoving match in the heart of the city, six of whom were released from hospital this afternoon, the police chief said. According to kelly, passersby were not shot by police, as mayor michael bloomberg had not previously ruled out. Rather, the officers’ bullets had hit "flower pots and other objects that the bullets love to shatter," kelly said. According to him, this had led to the injuries.

According to bloomberg, the perpetrator is named jeffrey johnson. His age had initially been given by the police as 53, but they later corrected it to 58. According to police, the man had been fired from the import company a year ago after a dispute. As CNN reported, dressed in a gray suit and with a briefcase under his arm, he reportedly went to his old workplace not far from the empire state building at about 9 a.M. (local time) friday morning. There was more ammunition for the weapon in the bag.

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Wine festival of the sv ermreuth

After a break of several years, the SV ermreuth is holding its popular wine festival again this year. Friday was chosen as the date for this year’s game. November 2017 from 19:30 set.
This year, SV ermreuth is once again offering all visitors, members and non-members alike are welcome guests, a rich selection of domestic wines. The offer is expected to include 11 varieties, 7 female wines and 4 rose or. Red wines. In addition, matching dishes such as ham platter, cheese platter or obazda with bread will be offered. The entrance is of course free again, for entertainment and dance provides this year michael black, better known as "quetsch’n michl".
In addition, this year, as at several previous wine festivals, the two local choirs could be won for a framing with wine songs.
Thus, all conditions should be fulfilled to spend an entertaining and cozy evening in the sports center of the SV ermreuth, which was appropriately decorated for the occasion, with good wine, good entertainment and good food.

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